For quite a while now I have had these prints.  Never really got around to showing them much...but these pics explain the issues I have with the e3d v5 hotend.  

Before you tell me how I should get a V6...let me stop you there.  They didn't fix any of the issues I have with the v5 before making a new nozzle...they merely added PTFE which makes it not "all metal" like advertised.  I am aware of the PTFE location...and the design changes but I am not impressed.  Not to mention it costs about half to manufacture an e3d over a jhead...but the e3d costs more. 

It is a sad state of affairs when hotends with inferior results continue making new "better" versions while people like reifsnyderb are planning on shutting down.

That's right more real jheads.  Why you ask.  Because of the ebay cloners selling e3d clones as "all metal jheads".  His reputation has been tarnished and sales are down to the point where he is planning on closing up shop.  I for one am truly disappointed in the community and I am concerned that I will not have a new hotend to recommend to new users.

If you would like to discuss this post the best place for live discussion is #reprap@freenode
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