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City Bar Year in Review – by Debra L. Raskin
Having recently reached the midpoint of my two-year tenure as president of the New York City Bar Association, I invite you to look back with me on the remarkable work that has gone on here over the past twelve months. Read more at

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New York Criminal Justice Reforms
The Governor and legislative leaders are negotiating the State's budget for the fiscal year beginning April 1st. Two of the important topics included in the proposed budget involve significant criminal justice policy considerations: raising the age of criminal responsibility, and addressing the aftermath of the Eric Garner grand jury determination. In both instances, City Bar committees worked together on position statements that we have submitted to the Governor and Legislature.


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Albany Reform Tops City Bar's 2015 Legislative Agenda – Statement by President Debra L. Raskin
In the wake of the arrest of New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on charges of bribery and corruption, and his subsequent resignation as Speaker, the calls for reforming state government are being heard from all quarters.

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The World of the City Bar – by Debra L. Raskin

I was excited to attend the Rentrée, which I would translate as the “Opening of the Paris Bar”.  An annual event put on by the centuries-old Paris Bar Association that combines continuing legal education with a celebration including bar leaders from around the world. A highlight of the celebration was a rhetoric competition among a dozen recent law graduates who had been chosen for their oral presentation skills. 

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New York City Bar Association Rates Primary Election Candidates For Civil Court In New York City
The New York City Bar Association has evaluated the candidates running in the September 9th Democratic Party primary elections for Civil Court in Kings County. The review was conducted by the Association’s Committee on the Judiciary.


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"Separate Entity Rule" Under New York Law
The Committee on Banking Law submitted a brief in Motorola Credit Corporation v. Standard Chartered Bank to address the following question certified by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to the New York Court of Appeals: "Whether the separate entity rule precludes a judgment creditor from ordering a garnishee bank operating branches in New York to restrain a debtor's assets held in foreign bank branches of the bank.” to read more, please go to

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Legislative update, news and events from the Association

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Legislation Increasing Number of Family Court Judges
On Friday, the New York State Legislature passed a bill that increased the number of family court judges, something that was a priority of our advocacy efforts this session. After the Legislature acted, we issued this statement from President Debra Raskin: "The New York City Bar Association applauds the Legislature for passing a bill that will increase the number of Family Court judges throughout New York State";
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Wanted: More White Men for Diversity Efforts
This month, the New York City Bar Association is celebrating thirty years of efforts to increase diversity in the legal profession. A series of forums assessing the state of diversity in the profession culminates on June 18th with a gala fundraiser honoring the 2014 Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award Winners:

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