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Well, Donald, on the plus side, canceling future White House press briefings would certainly shut down a primary source of fake news. ~George Takei

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OK. Uh...

a giant
dead thing
is decomposing off the coast of the indonesian island of seram

and nobody

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Breaking news - New director of FBI announced.

I think that it was last week that I shared a group of my favorite podcasts that helped keep me sane. Here is a list of Twitter accounts that do the same for me by breaking up the crazy and sometimes depressing news stream I follow over there.

SarcasticRover is good. It's the Mars Rover alter ego.
Chaucer Doth Tweet is funny if you like Old English humor and language.
Sweet Meteor O'Death is silly, but often funny.
Women Live Longer is a silly, "Why Women Live Longer Than Men" account of stupid men videos.
One of my favorites, being a dog person, is WeRateDogs.
Only in America and Only In Russia publish silly videos of things that happen in each country.
If you love books, the Bodleian Libraries have an account that I love.
Terrible Maps is a clever account, too.
A Crime a Day shows how silly our Federal Law system is.

Now FedEx is being hit in the UK. FedEx USA employees told to turn off all non-critical Windows systems on network.

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Trump's tweet has landed him in the Congressional spotlight is less than six hours.

Congress just asked the White House consigliere to confirm / provide a copy of the Comey tape to the senate oversight committee.

Someone who knows, has been keeping track of the level of despotism Trump has sunken to on Twitter.

"We have officially left Level Mugabe and entered Level Idi Amin." in response to Trump threatening Comey with "tapes".

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It's very serious.

"We are having a nationwide ransom attack on the NHS...emergency patients are being prioritised"

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NHS in the UK, Spain, and Portugal have all been infected with ransomware of some kind. Initial fingerprinting is at shadowbrokers.

Here's what a London GP sees when trying to connect to the NHS network

Whoa! Friday, I'm glad you're a holiday in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster because this is shaping up to be a great internet day. 😃

Maybe if humanity spent more time inventing clean fuel technology and less time inventing fidget-spinners, the Earth wouldn’t be melting. ~SarcasticRover
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