City crews will be street sweeping in Area No. 3 and Area No. 12 on Wednesday, April 25.

Residents are asked to move their vehicles off the street to allow for a thorough sweeping.
Sweeping of residential areas will be carried out between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The residential neighbourhoods have been separated into 14 areas and the intent is to sweep one of these areas daily.

Area No. 3 Streets are located NORTH of HERBERT STREET WEST:

• 1st Ave NW
• 2nd Ave NW
• 3rd Ave NW
• 4th Ave NW
• 5th Ave NW
• 6th Ave NW
• 7th Ave NW
• 8th Ave NW
• 9th Ave NW
• 10th Ave NW

And the following streets WEST of CENTRAL AVENUE:

• Herbert Street
• Sidney Street
• Lorne Street
• Dufferin Street
• Grey Street
• Rutherford Cres.
• Alexander Street

Area No. 12 Streets are located SOUTH of SOUTH RAILWAY St., and NORTH of GLADSTONE St.:

• South Railway St.
• Friesen St.
• Dahl St.
• McIntosh St.
• Gladstone St.
• Central Ave. S.
• 1st Ave. SW
• 2nd Ave. SE
• 3rd Ave. SE
• 4th Ave. SE
• 5th Ave. SE
• 6th Ave. SE
• 7th Ave. SE
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