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Hilary McNaughton
The one with the hair and the face.
The one with the hair and the face.

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I recently started drawing interchangeable dungeon components that go right to the edge of an index card, kinda like puzzle pieces. (Anyone who backs me at $1+ may have noticed some of them in progress…)

I'm gonna be posting my first batch throughout this month! (I also have a bunch of other various drawings and scans collecting on my desk.)

Hope you enjoy!

One thing about disappearing from G+ has been that I feel way out of touch with current indie tabletop goings on.

What has come out in the past few months? What are y'all working on? What are you excited about?

I'd especially love to know about one-shots (or short-campaign games) that I could add to my Potential Reviews list. [I review indie tabletop for]

Thanks for your input. Feel free to share around.

Jack Layton has died. I am a little teary on the bus to work.

I forget that Why? uses a lot of "inappropriate language" until I'm listening to them in a shared office at work.

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I want this, but I don't think I can have it...

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Anyone have any ideas?
Word nerds on the internet, I am missing a word! Please help me!

As a year has months, a day has hours; as a year has seasons, a day has ____.

Words from outside English are acceptable, but I'd prefer an English word (even if it is archaic and out of use).

I know I live in the future, because I can order pizza on the internet.

Kitty Nights this Sunday is a Pee Wee's Playhouse tribute show. Holy mazoley. I may have to go out on a worknight for this one:

"Come on in! Pull yourself up a chair!
Let the fun begin, it's time to let down your hair!
Pee-wee's SO excited,
'Cause all his friends have been invited (that's YOU!)
To go wacky, at Pee-wee's Burlesque Playhouse!"
This week Kitty Nights does something a little bit different as we bring you a burlesque tribute to one of our favorite shows, PEE WEE'S PLAYHOUSE!

The Kitty Nights stage transforms into the Playhouse in a Burlesque version of a Pee Wee adventure scripted by Burgundy and featuring all your favorite Playhouse characters!

Darla Devine as MISS YVONNE!
Doc Chocolate as COWBOY CURTIS!
Callio P Cock as JAMBI!
Burgundy Brixx as PTERRI!
DJ Teddy Smooth as RANDY!
The Purrrfessor as THE KING OF CARTOONS!
Hanna Barbaric as Conky's hot sister, CONQUETTE!
Spooksy Delune as PEE WEE HERMAN!

Listen for the SECRET WORD and SCREAM REAL LOUD whenever you hear it!
Help PEE WEE make his special WISH!
Join the COSTUME CONTEST with prizes awarded to the most outrageous Pee Wee's Playhouse attire!

All the fun starts at 9pm - doors open at 8!
$7 at the door*

"Now we've given you fair warnin'!
It's gonna be that kind of evenin' -
For bein' wacky!
For getting nutty!
Golly, it's cuckoo!
At Pee-wee's Burlesque Playhouse!"

(*vip reserved tables also available at ations.html)

So, Sparks, useful for anything?

It seems like adding "Canadian politics" as an interest works, but adding "feminism or feminists" does the opposite of work.

I suppose Sparks amalgamates things based on keywords, etc. but that means that if you're interested in feminisms, you get a whole bunch of posts about Bachman and Palin and men's rights groups and anti-feminist blogs and so on. No thanks. If I wanted to feel my faith in humanity plummet I could just read the comments on any of the links brought up by "Canadian politics". Le sigh.
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