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Novembre Zim
My father in law is renovating a lodge on lake Kariba, at Tiger bay. He invited us over for the WE, so we did what all responsible parents do, we took the kids out of school and headed straight for the lake. So we thought. The car was packed with suitcases ...

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Back to Dublin
Tricky times for me in Dublin. There are big changes happening at work, and my colleagues and I are reasonably stressed, angry and frustrated. So the days at the office are very different than what I experienced before. I work with incredible people, commit...

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London in ales
September, October,I just
got to spend a couple of days in London and in
Ireland for work. It has been over a decade since I last was in London. A
very faithful city, where changes are measured by the ticketing system
of the tube,
and the clothes people ...

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Inputs from my children
I often sketch when I travel, probably because I find more time. When I am home, I let the kids tell the stories in "daddy's books".  It's much better, and it turns my stories into ours. 

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Karibu Kenya

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Turkey - Antakya
Antakya is on the border with Syria. It use to be called Antioch, the city is as old as history, and you can feel the wisdom of the time in its streets. To live in such closeness with the past makes people somehow more grounded. History teaches changes and ...

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I cannot play any instruments and I cannot sing. I have an amazing voice, the America Got Talent winning type of voice, mind you, but I just cannot remember any words of any songs. This includes the hits happy birthday or Frere Jacques... So, being musicall...

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Sierra Leone... Life after Ebola
Back to Sierra Leone early January! What a change, how lively it is, the country is back swagging, people go out, beaches and bars are full, what a change from last year, the contrast is enormous, highlighting both the resilience of the people from Salone a...

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South Sudan
South Sudan is an interesting place to find yourself in. Curfews, stories of violence, of fights, stories of survival, stories of disappointments. I spend most of the time in Goal's compounds in Twic and Agok, a few hours by plane north of Juba, at the bord...

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I came back from 5 weeks working in Ethiopia and South Sudan, and with a short trip to Nairobi. Exceptional countries for many different reasons. Unique. I Ethiopia I mainly worked with Goal's teams in Gambella's refugee camps; welcoming refugees fleeing So...
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