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I have an Oktava MK-319 and an AKG C3000 as well as a Shure SM-57.  Can't afford the Neumann.  All of the mics sound good but they all edge out the SM-57 by just a tad.  I also have an Oktava MK-219.  Oktava mics are great however, I do find them to be inconsistent in sound.  NOT BAD, just different from mic to mic.  If you can buy a matched pair that's probably the best.  My 2 MK-219's sound good but different from each other.  My Okatava MK-319 sounds best for guitar amps and drums.  I've tried it on vocals and this particular mic wasn't as good as my AKG C3000.  I record with Sudio One software and run vocal mics through a Rane DMS-22 mic pre.  I enjoyed listening to your evaluations.  They were very helpful.
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