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Sources of Inspiration
I've already mentioned some
of these sources in other posts... But here I want to mention
the absolutely inspiring spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer.   He has written volumes of books on such
topics including the Tao Te Ching, Change Your Thoughts Change Your Li...

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The Idiot Screen
I find TV these days absolutely
appalling.  Sure, there are selective
channels and TV shows palatable and quite entertaining, but "the idiot
screen" runs the gamut.  Idiotic
commercials, lots of repetitive nonsense, let alone the types of advertising
are in...

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Tuning In...
Speaking of inspiration… Tuning in to the late show
this Wednesday through Friday for John Mayer’s host appearance on CBS…

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Inspiration.  I've been thinking about this for days
now... Actually not a moment goes by without realizing the impact of this
creative inspiration while I'm writing and designing...and I'm truly in awe and
homage to those other creative individuals that br...

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Time off - continued
Time off is a good
thing.     I'm going to be to the point
about this... I don't much care for all
this blogging.   I do think it's a total
waste of time.   I'd taken much time off
as you can see... writing, designing... and just trying or attempting to

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Time off
Check out my new post in The
Writing Room...   I've
taken some time off from this blog... reflecting and coming up with some new
ideas... Check out my foray into Children's Books .

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To Live Differently – Do Something Differently
To Live Differently – Do Something Differently This is true.  I know for a fact that in order to follow our dreams, it's necessary to step outside the "box" in a sense of living beyond fear, worry, whatever goes on in the mind deterring self from attaining ...

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What makes your life "happier and better?"
I want to take this time to mention that this site is a platform to feel a sense of betterment in and about life.  Feel free to share your thoughts that compliment the feeling of living life "happier and better" as this site is not only meant to inspire you...

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The start of something new...
Today marks the day of the initial posting to my new blog.  I contemplated over the right name that would encompass the main theme of all I want to say... all I want this site to represent, which of course is about...Life.  But not just life... I want reade...
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