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Sarah Davies
gifts to treasure for this generation and the next
gifts to treasure for this generation and the next

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A lovely blog about the memory boxes that originated here at u-ni-k gifts, made by Anna.

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Getting crafty for Spring...
I am a fabric hoarder (the secret was aired in our  blog   a little while back), and I can't resist pretty fabrics. So when I saw a blog post on the excellent Craft Blog UK for the chance to win 1m of gorgeous Hillarys Blinds fabric as part of their Hillary...

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We miss you sunshine, please come back soon!
With all the recent bad weather, we've seen many requests for 'sunny' or 'spring' images. It seems that the constant grey clouds and rain streaked windows are starting to bring us all down. So with this in mind, I'm going to take a look at some bright & spr...

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Love is...
unikgifts #unconditionalLOVE #Valentinesday *Photo courtesy of   Blooming Tot s

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Apparently I have a born leader on my hands! 

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Is your bump a little green horse?
What Chinese sign is your little one? Chinese Astrology is based on the 12 animals- Rat, Ox, Tiger,
Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig and five
elements- Metal, Fire, Wood, Water and Earth.   It is understood that these
12 anim...

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It's Mummy's birthday... what would she like?
What does Mummy want for her birthday? Diamonds? Flowers? It's Mummy's birthday and you know what she'd really like? She'd like a day where everyone helps make her feel a little appreciated, a little less busy. While little boxes of Tiffany diamonds would b...

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A tidy house is a life not lived!,
I am a Mum of two naughties. Not named naughties by me, but by the other half of unik, as apparently I frequently told Ida as a small
infant “Don’t be naughty!”. She wasn’t particularly naughty but a phrase I
continually said never the less. A worrying firs...

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2014, our children will be a year older but please let them be children a while longer!
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