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New US statutes. Some Libertarian wins, some not so much. And watch the growing national problem of Tiger selfies. 
The LIO Friends Libertarian lead activist interchange is at 5484 friends this January 1st. With non-partisan activists in every country, many inspiring projects/useful data on SMILE topics. Please share! Pick is the wonderful Vera K, Libertarian on city council in Russia.
Interesting blog by Professor Doom, a Libertarian-interested academic on shenanigans in the  US college world.  Many problems are created by expensive yet often meaningless accreditation requirements. One analysis:
By Professor Doom            Last time around I discussed how a degree from a for-profit institution is worthless, and how getting a degree from such a place is usually a big mistake. And someone asked me a question: “I...
How Libertarian deregulation changed your life, kids.
Because stopping to smell the roses is SO overrated. When living life in the fast lane, we count on certain things to not slow us down. Verizon gets this, and has super fast 4G LTE speeds to prove it.
Quantum computers don't exist yet, but physicists already have a software program ready for them to use.  A group of scientists has designed an algorithm that they say could run on any future quantum computer to simulate all the possible interactions between two colliding particles.

The program could be used to model how the universe evolved after the Big Bang, when conditions cooled enough for the formation of subatomic particles called quarks, which then collided with each other to form protons and neutrons. Eventually, the first atoms were born.  The complexity of a particle's quantum properties makes these post-Big Bang interactions far too complicated for existing computers to simulate.

Scientists are hoping for the eventual creation of computers based on the principles of quantum physics. Such computers would use quantum processor switches that could exist in both "on" and "off" states simultaneously, enabling them to consider all possible solutions to a problem at once.
Like free immigration? Contact group says use treaties already in operation.
LIO fan passes on, voice of Ayn Rand novels (at my suggestion)
Libertarian International Organization fan actor the great Edward Herrmann of 'Gilmore Girls' fame, remembered. And yes, I love Gilmore Girls.
Who knew?
We all learned it in kindergarten. We all know it in our hearts. It’s not complicated. It doesn’t require years of advanced study. The idea is this:
Here's the least strange libertarian idea you'll ever hear. In fact, it's the bedrock principle of our philosophy.
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WELCOME! I'm Michael Gilson De Lemos, the Libertarian and Techno-Yenta here to monitor ongoing news at Google+ and welcome your comments.
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10 Fast Tech Fixes We Could Not Live Without

Because stopping to smell the roses is SO overrated. When living life in the fast lane, we count on certain things to not slow us down. Veri

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