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Saving Energy And Water~
In the Globalization era, water and energy are being used too much by my fellow humans. And these are the steps to Save them: Step 1        "When you don't use them, turn it off" So, if you were using the Air Conditioner or the Lamp in your room, you should...

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How to Make a Blog In Blogspot
Source:  Click Here! Instruction: 1.)   Go to the web site .  On the right hand side of the page, about half way down you will see a blue box that says, “Sign Up,” ( see Figure 1 ). In the corresponding blanks,  enter a username and passwor...

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Aw.... My friend got rejected, poor guy. Well, i don't really care, cuz' it's their problemo! The one who get confessed is my best friend/birthday girl~

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My Friend's Birthday^^
Today Ish my friend's 12th Birthday! My friend will confess to her today, well, hope he good luck~

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How To Use adobe Photoshop CS2 (for Indonesian)
1.     Bukalah
program Adobe photoshop CS2 2.     Bukalah
filemu, lalu insert 2 photo yang ingin di edit, Objeknya dan backgroundnya. 3.     Crop
Foto objeknya dengan memakai Magnetic Lasso tool yang terdapat di Toolbar 4.     Lalu
klik Tombol ‘Copy’ yang t...

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I'm so sorry,sorry,sorry.... Whoops! Haha! i'm really sorry for not posting, i Just had an injection, because i'm gonna go somewhera far away,i can't be sick,right?

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Aishiteru yo~Akuma-kun Ch.2
      Haru is now living with Shion.Haru touched her boobs once,so,the athmosphere in the house is kind of awkward.But,they can still endure it.       One morning,Haru woke up and searched for Shion,but,she's not in the house,when he continued looking for h...
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