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Everybody loves Lean...for the wrong reasons!
loves Lean. I mean the Lean thinking and management methods variety here. I have interviewed over 200 quality professionals in the last year or so and
end up asking what do they prefer - Lean or Six Sigma. My original intention
was to initiate a d...

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So what is Lean Six Sigma?
I am often asked this question as I teach a class or explain improvement ideas to business leaders. Of course as a certified MBB I should know this well and it should be easy to explain.  Many of you may have learnt from experience that this is not easy to ...

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Continued Relevance and 10X returns a must for quality professionals
A new ASQ round-table topic recently pushed me to think about careers in Quality. It is not uncommon for professional organizations to think about careers of their members. If members earn more they pay more in fees. On a serious note, a core function of a ...

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Features are promised. Quality is delivered!
While teaching or talking about quality I often get dragged into a debate that high end features come with a cost and can’t be delivered at a low price point. Hence quality doesn’t come cheap. Examples cited include smartphones and cars. The argument is sim...

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Building a quality culture is like getting fit. Have small commitments and focus on behavior. Culture will happen. 

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ABC of Culture – Attitude, Behavior, and Commitment
You would have read a lot about culture and performance.
Much of this very philosophical and borders on abstract. Want to read something
crisp and practical? Read what ASQ Influential Voice James Lawther had to say
on Creating
a Performance Culture at ASQ’s...

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My latest post on the Future of Quality. Feedback is welcome, as always. 

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Future of Quality – a realistic view and key concerns
is a profession for most of us in ASQ and hopefully passion for some. Our
future depends on Quality’s future. Our livelihood depends on how quality fares
today and in the future. While we all would like to see quality progress and
benefit from its p...

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STEM needs more Manjul Bhargavs and Pranav Mistrys
Are our youngsters shying away from a career in STEM? It
appears they are. Bill Troy, CEO of ASQ, recently shared some tough to digest
facts in his blog. Research shows that while youngsters like what engineers do
they also think that engineers don’t easily...
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