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Mosaic Design
In January, I was at Cancer Treatment Center of America for
five days for my most recent tests. 
Prior to that, my last scans were in June 2015 and I had genetic testing
a few months later, in September.  This
trip in January was an eventful one to say the ...

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A Beautiful Life
My visits to
Cancer Treatment Center of America have become fairly routine.  My husband and I follow my schedule, going
from floor to floor, clinic to clinic for my various appointments.  This visit was a little different.  I left my husband at home and too...

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Schedule Change!
As I write this, I’m traveling home from my most recent 4
day/3 night retreat at the Cancer Fighter Resort (AKA Cancer Treatment Center
of America – Newnan, GA).  I’m relaxed,
refreshed and full of joy!  Sometimes,
my neatly organized schedule gets abruptly...

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Inspired to love...
I haven’t blogged in months. 
I’m sorry.  I started one a while
back but now it’s obsolete.  I’m not even
sure where to start now. I’m improved so much since one year ago.  Here’s a short list of some side symptoms I’ve
had to deal with over the past year: ...

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Exciting Improvements!
So much has been happening since my last blog a month
ago.  I’ve had many improvements in my
health. ·          I’ve been gaining weight.  I’m triple digits now, baby!! ·           I’ve been
able to cut down on using supplemental oxygen. ·           I’ve be...

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Georgia on my mind
I'm back finally to post an update!  My last post was prior to my initial trip to Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Georgia.  My first appointment was in March.  I was scheduled for three to five day of appointments with various doctors for evaluation ...

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Gotta get busy
  I’d like to illustrate a picture for you using two true stories.  One is about my neighbor who is a wise man around 80.  Daily he travels the fields & pastures behind his home with his dog & shotgun.  No, he isn't hunting, he’s just keeping any eye on eve...

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Ketchup. That’s what I’m going to try to do—catch you up on what’s
been happening.   Back in November, my doctor sent me for a chest x-ray
because I was coughing, short of breath and unable to lay down (without losing
my breath).   The x-ray showed a pleura...

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I haven’t made a blog post in a while.  Please appreciate my transparency here.  I normally like to be low key and even
keeled.  I don’t like to be a
spectacle.  This is a tough one to
write.  Over the summer, I was busy enjoying time with my son.  There we...

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