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Kathryn Wetzel
i wish no chains upon you.
i wish no chains upon you.

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Such a tool.
Everyone needs a tool in life. Preferably not of the jerk male variety, but I suppose those guys can teach a lady a lesson about what not  to want or accept. What I'm really talking about here is kitchen tools. My life in the kitchen didn't really come to f...

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World cuisine comfort food.
I love  coconut. I love cooking with any form of it. I love it on avocado toast . I love coconut milk. I love coconut curry. Coconut milk is another pantry essential for me. I buy full-fat, because the way I see it is - most "lightened" products don't reall...

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Whenever I am out of black eyed peas, they are written as BEP on my shopping list. I only accept abbreviations when I'm abbreviating my own notes. Coming from my students in the form of laziness, however... Not quite an abbreviation, but I just had to inclu...

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Variations on a theme, post 2.
I'm not much of a burrito person, and I like my tacos Americanized in the hard shell. For some reason, though, I got bitten by the burrito bug last week. I was imagining Chipotle's cilantro-lime rice, and though I never even get rice in my burritos (I find ...

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Unborn Chickens, or egg series #1.
My mom is not much of a cook. She likes simple meals and mild flavors, usually with a meat of some sort. My literary-analysis-focused self reads into this, and thinks that it's because her food heritage hails from her mother, who grew up in the Great Depres...

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Variations on a theme.
It's been a while since I've written about my "Pantry Essentials," which is part of my guiding philosophy of this blog. I'm somewhat surprised to see I haven't included the foundations of most of my meals - beans and garlic. Not all of my meals include bean...

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Doing my part: I could do more, but here's what I do.
I've been writing lately of identity, and the juxtaposition of that with food and family. A large portion of my identity, of my life, is being vegetarian. I don't remember exactly when it happened, but it aligns very closely to when I started subscribing to...

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Words Matter, or Why I Teach.
When I archived my Facebook some years ago (two?), it was because I didn’t feel it added the same value to my life that it had in prior years. My long-distance connections waned; my frustrations at the lack of validity in content waxed; I increasingly made ...

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Spirit and Bone. (a long post, and a recipe at the end)
Last year I became somewhat obsessed with finding (and these are my Google search parameters) “sad Christmas music.” I often get the blues at Christmas - perhaps because I’m ready for a break from teenagers (Thanksgiving is not enough time away from them, s...

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Learning how to host...
I hosted Thanksgiving for what I call "Mom's side of the family," which is an easy way to explain a somewhat complex and ever complexify-ing description of my relations, which doesn't truly need to be explained here - though as I type that I think about how...
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