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Edmonton Photographers: Share! Learn! Experience! Develop!
Edmonton Photographers: Share! Learn! Experience! Develop!


Hey Edmonton! First I must apologize for neglecting this page for the past few months. I haven't been keeping up with what's going on.
Second, +Darlene Hildebrandt is having a +Drink and Click ™ YEG photowalk on the 22nd. Looks fun.
Third, it's nice outside. Throw me some ideas for a photowalk or two. +Justin Wondga and I explored St. Albert last week. Maybe there is a nice area in Sherwood Park or other outlying areas?
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Best of #yegphotothemes #festive goes to this photo by +Justin Wondga taken on New Years Eve at City Hall.

Congratulations +Justin Wondga for an excellent photo and a wonderful panorama of the festivities.

Best of submissions chosen by +Darlene Hildebrandt . Thanks Darlene!
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Thank you to those that submitted entries to the #yegphotothemes theme of #festive .  We will be reviewing the entries and selecting a best of submissions.

On to our next photo theme. Sorry for being a day late but things have been a bit hectic lately. The #yegphotothemes for the next 2 weeks will be #sky as suggested by +Karl Stevens . Keep in mind that the photo does not have to be a photo of the sky but is open to your interpretation of the theme.

Please include the hashtags #yegphotothemes and #sky in your submissions as well as tagging +Edmonton Photographers .

We look forward to your submissions.

Photo courtesy of +David Waddington .
If you have a suggestion for a theme and would like your photo attached to it please let us know.

Curated by +Sharon Morsink +Darlene Hildebrandt +Stephen Paskaluk +David Waddington 
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Starting today and running until Jan 13, 2013 the #yegphotothemes theme is going to be...   Festive
We are extending this theme an extra 2 weeks because so many people are busy this time of year and even though they may be snapping a whole bunch of photos they may not have time to get them posted right away. So take your time, get plenty of wonderful shots and share them. Please when you share a photo with the theme include the hashtags #yegphotothemes and #festive as well as tagging +Edmonton Photographers . This makes it easier for us to see which photos were submitted to which theme.

As for the previous theme of Grim there wasn't enough entries to choose a winner so thank you +Sharon Morsink and +P.S. Tan for your contributions. It was a difficult theme.

Curating #yegphotothemes are +Sharon Morsink +Darlene Hildebrandt +Stephen Paskaluk and +David Waddington 
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Here are some ideas for the upcoming Candy Cane Lane Photowalk courtesy of DPS.

If you like the custom bokeh shapes idea another thing you can try rather than how you are shown in the video is: If you have a spare/crappy UV filter cut the paper to fit in the end of the filter then you can just screw your filter onto your lens. Experiment with the size of the cutout. Start small, try it out then if you are not getting enough light in you can make it bigger.
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If you like aircraft, check out these photos from our recent trip to the Alberta Aviation Museum!
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Good afternoon Edmonton Photographers,

Who would be up for an Ice on Whyte photowalk?  I'll suggest we aim for January 26th, since Saturdays seem to work out most of the time.  Check out these photos from +Justin Wondga last year, I know I'll be on board!

+Stephen Paskaluk

Last January, some beautiful friends joined me for the Ice on Whyte festival in the heart of Old Strathcona.  They modeled amongst the beautifully lit and sculpted snow and ice sculptures.  Ice on Whyte returns in January 25th, 2013 for 10 days - and they will be holding a photo contest, too!  Might I suggest to the intrepid, talented, and extremely creative +Edmonton Photographers - would you consider making this a photowalk event?  And who knows, maybe I might convince my lovely models to return and freeze themselves nearly to death again!  <smirk>  All pictures were taken with #nikond3100 and processed using #iphoto - enjoy!
Ice On Whyte - January 2012 (36 photos)
36 Photos - View album
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And the winning entry into the #yegphotothemes theme of Solitude is this photo taken by +Tim Goos .  Enjoying the morning paper is a clear example of solitude and the photo has excellent composition and lighting.

Excellent photo +Tim Goos and thank you for sharing with #yegphotothemes
Enjoying the morning paper; captured on a recent trip to New York. He was quite alone even while in the middle of Manhattan. #yegphotothemes  +Edmonton Photographers 
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And so ends the theme of "Solitude". There wasn't very many entries this time around but we will select one as best entry for the theme and share it around.

With the end of one theme marks the beginning of the new theme. The theme for the next 2 weeks is going to be..............


Grim takes on many meanings and can even go far beyond those of it's definition. It can be dark, it can be moody it could even go as far as being void of holiday spirit. It can be a fairy tale or a scary tale or everything that was rolled up into a character named "The Grinch". So get out and take photos of Grim to get it all out of the way before the holiday season when we will roll into a more festive theme. Tag your photos with +Edmonton Photographers #yegphotothemes #grim and we will pick a best of entries and share it along.

Curated by +Darlene Hildebrandt +Sharon Morsink +Stephen Paskaluk and +David Waddington

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This will be a winter photowalk down Candy Cane Lane. Due to limited parking in the area I have decided to make the starting point the Starbucks on 149 and Stony Plain road. This will also allow those that wish to arrive early a chance to meet up and chat.

It would be greatly appreciated if everyone that is attending bring a donation for the food bank. I understand that canned items are best but are not limited to. I anticipate this being a fairly cold evening and walkers should dress for the weather conditions. As this is a night photography walk it would also be recommended to bring a tripod. I have a spare even though it's junky should someone wish to borrow it and I am sure some of the other participants may have spares as well. I did put an end time on this walk because if it is really cold not everyone may be able to endure. If you have never been to Candy Cane Lane it is quite a treat. Many of the houses on 148 street from 100 - 102 street are really well decorated.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

#edmonton #canada #candycanelane #photowalk  
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