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Unto those who distinctly feel the lack of labyrinths the first week of war, I offer up apologies. Outside circumstances have shortened my available time, as the first week was spent creating a garden labyrinth in Æthelmearc Royal. Please, anytime the encampment is open, come and walk it. I hope to get a few down in chalk in the usual locations soon. Contrary to rumour, I am not dead.
In Service,
Master Ambros Kyrielle (the Chalk labyrinth laurel)

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Labyrinth carved in stone placed inside the portico (doorway) of the cathedral of Saint Martin, Lucca, Italy. The image of Theseus and the minotaur in the center has been worn away by 800 years of being traced over. The text translates as: "This is the labyrinth built by Dedalus of Crete; all who entered therein were lost, save Theseus, thanks to Ariadne's thread" (HIC QUEM CRETICUS EDIT. DAEDALUS EST LABERINTHUS . DE QUO NULLUS VADERE . QUIVIT QUI FUIT INTUS . NI THESEUS GRATIS ADRIANE . STAMINE JUTUS)
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Salutations from Ambros Kyrielle,
You may not know me, but if you have been to Pennsic, you may have walked all over my work. If you have seen a swirling expanse of chalk with documentation next to it, you've seen one of my labyrinths (and walked one, I hope.) The occasional Chalk Sundial may have also been underfoot.
I get little Scadian contact during the rest of the year, I'm hoping to find some here.
In service, 
Lord Ambros Kyrielle (That Chalk Guy/Maze man/ etc.)

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And.. a FB account.. I'm EVERYWHERE! 

I've signed up to teach two classes (twice each) at Pennsic this year: an Intro course followed by a question driven one.
Introduction to Labyrinths: It matters not if you are Tudor or Turk, Norseman or Nepalese, Breton or Borgia, Labyrinths are a part of your world. Topics covered will include: "What IS a Labyrinth?" ;Categories and types; How to draw one; and a Whirlwind tour of Labyrinths in Period. From Storytelling devices to Dancing floors, from Monster trap to Heavenly Road the labyrinth has meant many things to many peoples. Brought to you by "That Chalk Labyrinth Guy."

I've created a Twitter account, though I'm not sure how much use it will get until War Practice and Pennsic.  @aklabyrinth

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Third Blog Post. First steps: Children in the Labyrinth

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So.. I found a  15/14 Hammered dulcimer (handcrfafted by Tim Darnell of Massillon, OH) at the Flea Market today. Guy said to make an offer, I only had $40 in my wallet.... he gave it to me for $35 ( So I wouldn;t go home broke). The hammers were on another Table. It's cobwebby, dirty inside, the sound board is cracked, but not in a DEATH way I think.. I tuned it slowly up over an hour or more.. It is mostly holding tune.  ANd I can play Horse's Bransle with my Right hand. 

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Finally , I've started my Blog. 

I will be doing a Mini Labyrinth intro and walk at Ginger Hill Unitarian Church in Slippery Rock, PA  on Sunday the 16th of September. Details to follow.
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