Check out this video on YouTube: Lumineers procedure is different in celebration than Veneers conventional procedure cementation, this technique had been proved by solid studies that they last more than 20 years, as also the bonding technique was the first bonding approved by FDA.
This Hollywood smile procedure has been done in only 2 sessions with No anesthesia, no drilling of unnecessary tooth structure and no pain.
At anytime patients can choose to renew or to remove their lumineers by Laser Erbium without damaging The tooth underneath.
The limit of the Lumineers is juxta-gingival with a knife edge limit created after cementation, that's why the Perio gum healing and long term results are promising.
The shade of the teeth with no translucency is always a personal choice of the patient.
This technique is used by our department as CMC Johns Hopkins university hospital dental division in Beirut.
Our centers are located in Lebanon and Dubai United Arab Emirates.
For more info: call us at: +96170567444
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