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Great Cakes Soapworks June Challenge - Sculpted Layers
Here is my entry for this month's soap challenge. We had to cut out templates and use them to sculpt the soap into a layered design. I had a look around for some inspiration and I came up with the idea of a skyline silhouette. I wanted a design where the sk...

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June SMF Challenge - Mosaic Soaps
This month it is my turn to run the SMF soap challenge. I chose the topic of mosaic soaps as I haven't seen it done for a while and I like the versatility of the technique. I can't wait to see what all the soapers who choose to participate will come up with...

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SMF May Challenge - Interpretation not Imitation
This month, the challenge on was a tough one for me. Were given several images of birds to look at and asked to choose one that stood out to us. Then using colours from the photo, we had to take a feature or a feeling or something ab...

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Great Cake's Soapworls May Challenge - Droplet Swirl
This month's challenge was incredibly challenging for me. I had so many goes at this trying to nail it, I think I will have enough soap to wash with for fifty years! I finally achieved a droplet that I am happy enough with to enter so here it is! I only pou...

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Great Cakes Soapworks April - Location Challenge
It’s been a while since I last entered the great cake’s
challenge as I have been busy getting my little soap company off the ground. But
when I saw the challenge this month, I jumped at the chance to have a go. I
love the themed challenges and this one real...

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SMF Discolouring Fragrance Challenge
SMF Soap Challenges I help to organise a monthly challenge on I ran the August challenge which tackled inverted stamping. You can find the challenge thread and read about everyone's experiences along the way here http://www.soapmaki...

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Great Cakes Soapworks September Challenge - The Clyde Slide
Here is my entry for this month's Great Cakes Soapworks challenge. This is my attempt at a Clyde Slide. This was a hard technique for me. It took me several attempts to achieve the feathering which is the signature of this technique. I am pleased with my en...

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Ebru Art - June Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge
Here is my entry for this month's Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge. This month's theme was 'Ebru Art'. This is a turkish style of water marbling where dyes are floated on the top of a water gel base and manipulated to create beautiful designs. The main guide...

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Great Cakes Soapworks May Challenge : Mini Desserts
This has been the hardest challenge for me yet. I have not made soap into dessert shapes, or used melt and pour before so it felt very daunting at the beginning. I was not short of ideas on what to make, but working out how to achieve them was the difficult...

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April Spin Swirl Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge
Here is my spin swirl entry for April's Great Cakes Soapworks challenge. My entry is scented with orange, lime and patchouli essential oils to match the orange and green colouring. This was a hard one for me, I like to try to do something a bit different wh...
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