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Somebody better call a wambulance, this guy needs help if he's upset about waiting for his air filter to dry..... 
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Tried to pass off wrong color replacement for bumper. I got my bumper appraised and they said it would take 2 weeks to drop it off. I did, and they said it would be one week before finished. I got a rental car that day when I dropped it off and got a call the next day that it was ready (in pouring down rain). I was happy to get my car back, but not happy I wasted hours getting a rental the day before. So they call me less than 24 hours later and say it's ready. I dropped off my rental and got to the shop. Paid my deductible and went to my car. As soon as I walked to it, I realize the bumper is the wrong shade of white (cream vs pearl), it was raining so you couldn't notice without a second look. I sat there for about 15 minutes and waited for the rain to cease and it was clear as day. It looks awful! I've had multiple people comment on it since I brought it home. I talked to the manager before I left and he said I needed to redo the whole process again in a week! I called USAA to ask if I should have even taken it, and they said yes, but CS Auto needs to pay for a new rental. We 3 way called CSA and the lady on the phone said she personally looks at the car before calling to tell you to pick it up. So, I asked her at what point did she think it was a good idea to try and trick me into taking this this home first. USAA rep and her got into it about who's paying for the rental. Unbeknownst to me, USAA manager got on the line too to listen. They said CSA will be reviewed for their continued partnership, because they tried to lie to me and them, and make them liable for expenses that CSA clearly are responsible for! There wasn't even an apology!! Awful experience, idk if they thought I was too dumb to notice a color difference on my NEW car, or if their manager was so scared of losing money on re-sanding it and starting from scratch, because that would cost more than the original replacement and paint. They made excuses about it being plastic vs metal (manufacturer seemed to be able to match the paint fine?), and at no point took responsibility. I'm glass USAA is getting rid of them (or holding a meeting to discuss it), and this just confirms all these bad reviews, and shows CSA truly doesn't care about customer service. Avoid them at all cost!
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Talked to the "Assistant Manager" about a problem I was having with used Wii, I was guaranteed it was put through the tests that it worked 100%. I asked about an exchange, and they said they had to "put it through tests" to see if they could mimic the problem. This was less than a week after I purchased the product and was having problems since day I. I decided to try out my brother-in-law's Wii to make sure it wasn't the disk, and the game worked fine. I asked the woman if she had any to exchange, and she said no. I said "are you sure, because I was in about 2 days ago and you had 2 in stock, can you please check again?". She puts me on hold and says "oh yeah we have one in stock" This is the Assistant Manager let me remind you (Shouldn't she know her own inventory?). I said I didn't want to wait and see if they can mimic the problem and the only reason I didn't go to GameStop was, because I wanted to help the smaller guys out. She tried to say my reasons were suspicious, and I confronted that statement with how could a want of an exchange be "suspicious", maybe a refund, but an exchange? She told me that she would not honor their return policy, because I called her out on her lying to me the first time, and calling me "suspicious" for wanting a simple exchange... Never do business with these guys. You're better off at any other retailer, because they will find reasons not to help you, clearly.
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Below average not worth it. I love how there's random 5 star ratings on here with no explanation (even one sign in with the name as "I've been there"). Pretty obvious the staff is trying to bring up the overall ratings. For $10 a ticket go spend your money at Valley View. This movie theatre looks old and worn out, the chairs are not comfortable at all (arms don't swing up, and they don't lean back at all). Like one reviewer said the lights on the floor are messed up; a lot of them are burnt out. The sound isn't great, and the screens are much smaller than at Valley View. I stopped going to this theater about 4 years ago, because I thought it was getting trashy. I decided to give it a go a few days ago, thinking they might have made some renovations, and it has just gotten worse.
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