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Ben Thomas

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Ben Thomas

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Two years ago:
"Sierra Leone had just 136 doctors working in the public sector, according to the World Health Organisation, a massive shortfall for a population of 6 million."

“We do counselling, though it’s not the type they do in America or Europe,” Nahim says. “Here, if you have a problem, someone talks to you. Your parents talk to you. Your church talks to you. Your traditional healers treat and counsel you. In America they need professional counsellors because no one talks to anybody – if you try to talk to somebody, they’ll probably call the police.”

(Source: Guardian News, Ryan Lenora Brown in Freetown for Bhekisisa) Friday 20 January 2017 07.00 GMT

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Ben Thomas

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"Legendary herders and caravaners of the Sahara desert, the Tuareg are among the last nomads on earth. Their ancient written language, Tifinagh (or Tamasheq), their music, dance and culture have been the subject of fascinated study and speculation by generations of explorers, archaeologists and scholars. Tifinagh is thought to have derived from the ancient Berber script. The word Tifinagh means 'the Phoenician letters," or possibly comes from the Greek word for writing tablet, pínaks. It is not taught in schools, but is still used occasionally by the Tuareg for private notes, love letters and in decoration."
(Source: Rain for the Sahel and Sahara)
The legendary Blue Men of the Desert, the Tuaregs of Niger West Africa are among the last traditional nomadic cultures in the world today.
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Ben Thomas

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forecast Weather Africa, Satellite Weather Africa, Weather Forecast, Rainfall, Clouds, Sun in Africa -
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Ben Thomas

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"Moon Phases for Johannesburg, 20 Jan 2017 – 11 Feb 2017"
(Source: )
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Ben Thomas

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"As the rainy season begins in the city of #Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo,"
As the rainy season begins in the city of #Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, the biggest ever #yellowfever emergency #vaccination campaign in Africa is drawing to a close. More than 7 million people in Kinshasa province have been successfully vaccinated in the last 2 weeks. But in the country’s remote areas on the #Angola border, the campaign is still being rolled out, targeting a further 3 million people at risk with the aim of ending this #outbreak of the potentially fatal disease.
#DRC #health
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Ben Thomas

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"As part of a study published in Ophthalmology, Emory Eye Centre physicians examined 96 patients recovering from Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Liberia.

They found that 21 patients had developed EVD-associated uveitis, and were therefore at risk of reduced vision or blindness as a complication of the inflammatory eye disease.

The study reported that 40% of the Ebola survivors with uveitis were legally blind based on the World Health Organisation classification.

As well as uveitis, three patients from the group developed a EVD-associated optic neuropathy."
(Source: Association of Optometrists London 20 Jan 2017 by Selina Powell)

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Ben Thomas

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In the Sky above Africa 
I'm flying from Kigali Rwanda to Nairobi Kenya in one of Rwandair brand new Boeing 737 NG aircraft.
We're over Lake Victoria!
What a great airplane, it even has WIFI so I can post from 38,000 feet!
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Ben Thomas

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"The move came several hours after, Adama Barrow, Gambia's newly sworn-in president ordered the country's armed forces to abandon any loyalty to dictator Yahya Jammeh, as troops from neighbouring Senegal crossed the border to oust him.

Diplomats said regional heads of state will travel to Gambia to make a final attempt to persuade Mr Jammeh to step down.It was reported that they would consider an amnesty and allow Mr Jammeh to choose his country of exile."
(Source: Telegraph Media Group) By Colin Freeman, in Banjul 20 January 2017 • 8:56am

West African nations halted a military operation in Gambia on Thursday to give a final chance to mediation efforts, but will resume at noon on Friday if Yahya Jammeh still refuses to hand over power to the new president.
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Ben Thomas

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"CEPI will initially target the MERS-CoV, Lassa and Nipah viruses, which have known potential to cause serious epidemics. It aims to develop two promising vaccine candidates against each of these diseases before any epidemic, so these are available without delay if and when an outbreak begins. CEPI will also scope out potential support for vaccines against multiple strains of the Ebola and Marburg viruses, and Zika."
(Source: CEPI )
A global coalition to create new vaccines for emerging infectious diseases, designed to help give the world an insurance policy against epidemics, launches today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. With an initial investment of US$460m from the governments of Germany, Japan and ...
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Ben Thomas

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"Almost 13 million people are in need of medical services. Resources are limited and access in many parts of the country is nearly impossible."
(Source: World Health Organization)
WHO has made important strides in its work during the Syrian crisis. A successful negotiation lead to the evacuation of patients in critical condition from east Aleppo. Thousands more, fleeing besieged areas, received health care from mobile clinics. As the crisis continues, WHO's work in Syria remains crucial.
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Ben Thomas

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"Why is Mr Jammeh refusing to leave office?"

"The Gambia regularly held elections, which he won until last year. Mr Jammeh had said there were irregularities in the election process, including the turning away of some of his supporters from polling stations, and errors made by the Electoral Commission.

The Commission accepted that some of the results it initially published contained errors, but said Mr Barrow had still won. Mr Jammeh has said he will stay in office until new elections are held. Retaining power would have ensured he was not prosecuted in The Gambia for alleged abuses committed during his rule.

The US state department urged Mr Jammeh to peacefully transfer power to Mr Barrow on Thursday. “Doing so would allow him to leave office with his head held high and to protect The Gambian people from potential chaos,” spokesman John Kirby said."
(Source: ) Thursday 19th January , 2017 10:31 am

Ghana News, Ghana Politics, Ghana Sports, Ghana Business
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Among her many other a.k.a s
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Ben's Collections
Basic Information
"Ben of Cardiff" “Friend of Freedom”

بین تھامس  


Бен Томас  


بن توماس   


 בן טאמעס


بین تھامس




Бен Томас



 Key interests:
 Community Interests, including Comunity development. By Managing the Message !.My Vehicle for this is called The Broadarms Alliance.


 My general Interests:

 I am also Interested in: Heritage, Culture, and History.  As well as Public Health and Safety issues.

Especially that in and around Cardiff UK. 


 I find the Environment and Energy issues an interesting challenge !. Along with Public Safety !.

I am also interested in the developing, "International Global Village".

I am interested in "quality of life issues".

The ability to "create wealth", and to maintain a "disposable income" !.

The problems associated with a "change of scale".

I would like to understand more about "leadership" ?.

  A developing interest of mine is "Energy and Power Generation", in Particular Electric Power !. Since March 2011, this has become associated, with disaster avoidance, and disaster recovery !. I take the view that we should look to make Nuclear Safe, so that in reality means safer, as nothing in this life is totally safe  !. I take the view that a good way of approaching this is to look at what happens when Nuclear Power, escapes in the form of contamination, beyond the boundaries of its site !. I see this as a question of Public Protection !. The basis of this protection being knowledge in the public domain of prevailing radiation levels !.


Since 2011

 I have been interested in understanding the Events at Fukushima Japan

  I am interested in understanding the developing Arab Spring, and the Events in Syria. In particular; understanding the striving for Freedom, and the resistance against it !.

 I regard Physical Conflict as being often a failure of Diplomacy !. I regard Diplomacy, as being a product of Education, Understanding and Experience !. Often Disadvantage  and even Poverty, may be at the root of these issues !.


Syria, and the Arab Spring:

 I take an interest in this region, from the point of view of its Social-Economic implications, and the rights of Syrians to self-determination, in a fair and just way.


 Presents a number of interesting challenges, especially in regards to communications and organisation! The ability to realise Africa’s Natural wealth and to see that wealth distributed in a fair way!

My Political position :
 I am not political, in the Party-Political sense !. But will engage with Politicians and Political organisations who are willing to benefit the community !. In this sense I am interested in Good and Just governance !.

My religious Beliefs :

 I believe that: In the being, was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God !.

  I  think: The Word was at first heard, then spoke, and later written. Today (2013) the word can be captured.  Soon after the Word was first heard, it became remembered, and being remembered became spoken more. With increased speaking the Word evolved into more words, which became words to make things cleared, and better understood. As the use of Words grew, then understanding grew. At the same time the presence of God, became less apparent to human kind. As over familiarity tends to bread contempt ?..  As has been both said and written “God Defieth all understanding” !.


I believe: 

 An understanding History, our own, or others, can lead us to learn, by other peoples experiences (and by implication, by other peoples mistakes.). Though the past is like a foreign land, of which we may know very little !. The past is often obscured, by the mists of time, and by evolving cultures.

I believe that freedom of movement and access, is important !.



 Winning a Battle can in some cases lead to loosening a War !.  Winning a War may not lead to winning the Peace !. Battles and Wars, that do not secure the Peace, are Hollow victories !.

 Hollow victories are likely to lead to renewed conflict ?.


My local language variant :

Wenglish.    a Wenglander.


Personal Observations !.

 The mode of production, is to a large extent dependent on the mode of transport !. Sustainable places of personal residence, can be dependent on both of these !.

 Increasing technology,produces increased complexity for understanding, and can lead to new divisions of labour, or rather intelligent knowledge !. New technologies, appear to be greatly dependent on access to specific natural resources !. This appears to be fueling Globalisation, and, an increasing interdependency, across cultures, and states !.

 Emerging Electronic Technology appears to be changing peoples perception of Political Decision Making. ?. A demand for more direct involvement in the political process, appears to be emerging World wide, and is especially apparent in what the West calls, underdeveloped Countries !.

 Modern economy appears highly dependent on high volume of production and low mark-up per unit of product volume !

 In the UK, we pass on the left, except when at Sea, when we pass on the right !. So perhaps we tend to regard others then ourselves, as being at Sea ?.

 The UK Army by tradition, when on Parade, Dresses to the right, hence the saying “I’m all right Jack”

 An organisation may be seen when the sum of the whole exceeds the sum of the parts.

 Should the key effect of government not be the application of the Multiplier Factor? That is to say the organising of human effort so that the sum of the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts !.


It may all come down to:

A Matter of time !.
The expectation of competition, appears to put pressure on time, and as such things tend to become “a factor of time “!. This appears to lead to a speeding up, of things !. With the effect of certain things coming into view !. While other things disappear from view !. These things which disappear from view, may suddenly disappear, or gradually fade out of view !. The gap between the extremes of what is seen and what is not, can become confusion !. This confusion can be compounded, with the stresses caused, by the demands to adjust !.

Due to uncertainty, about what is being observed!.. The culture of communications, and the cultures participating in this, will play a part, and the outcome of this will be, that cultures will fragment, and or combine !. So adding to the degree of uncertainty.

The effect on preconceived organisation, appears to be a possible cause of the downfall of some organisations, as their sense of identity as an organisation, appears to constrain their ability to adjust, making them slower, to both respond, and to comprehend !.

Clearly then the speed and effectiveness of response, along with the ability to comprehend, could be a key factor in navigating, for future progress, and a decent life !.

Hence the old expression of, “the  quick and the dead”, becomes a reality !.

European Union : Since Cyprus and the European move, to break the Savings Guarantee, I “no-longer” support Britain being in Europe !.

 Emerging Technologies: It is interesting and somewhat concerning to observe the impact of such emergence!  Digital Technologies appear to surpass national control, and conflict appears to be merging because of this.  To what extent such conflict may threaten the continual existence of such technologies, only time will determine? Politicians may need to define their relationship with both people and this if these matters are to be constructively addressed although right now (August 2016) they appear to be set on define so called national interests? Are such “National Interests” at odds with these emerging digital technologies?  Technologies which live in Cyber-space?

I like

  I like drawing other people’s attention, to the existence of things. By distributing links, to online pages on which that sort of information appears !.

 These days (March 26th 2013) one finds oneself, submersed with information to digest, from a wide variety of sources !. The information originates from who knows where, for who known’s what reason ?  Working out the possible relevance of this information, can prove a particular challenge !. Working out how to make productive and constructive use, of the information, can become another challenge !.

My current preoccupation

The current (2015)Free Market Economy, which appears to becoming increasingly dominant in many parts of the world, appears likely to be challenged by emerging technologies  As it is that people consume and without an income people cannot be a part of the free market?. So how will people be able to gain an income when most the work is done by technology?


 From time to time, I appear to experience, what may be, a manifestation of suppressed precognitive capacity, within myself !.


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Bragging rights
Once I built a Railway !. (well in part)
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Cardiff, Wales, UK.