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Kii in a Tablet

See whats in the left

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I found a bug on Holo design 

So I've just went back from Minuum to Swiftkey but I didn't felt very comfortable.
I was searching the web because I remembered that there was a keyboard that was simply brilliant.
I know it was named something with a K Keyboard, maybe KK or something? I haven't found anything...then I searched for "keyboard removed from android store" → bam! A Reedit link for Kii Keyboard.

Overall the keyboard runs amazingly smooth and it is comfortable and easy to use. I love it! For m it's much better than all tested and back to the roots.

Hello all, after a lot of reading I'm now ready to switch again from Windows :-P is KDE neon for a daily use ready?
I vacillate between KDE neon and Ubuntu gnome.

There seems to be an bug. I've installed the launcher on the HTC 10 and set the double tab gesture to shut down the display. Now when I use this function, I can't open the homescreen with the fingerprint, the phone is asking for the PIN code. When I lock the phone with the power button, the fingerprint is working again.

Android 6.0.1
no root

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Any idea? +Greenify

Great update. Folders in the app drawer are partially working, I mean while displaying the folder there is no content, even when apps are selected the folder is shown empty

Should it be possible to get a grey background instead of pure black? 

there is actually to say well done. I've deleted all my browsers from my devices to have a focus on this one. The hole package is perfect so far. Only some features are missing but as you mentioned trhough email there will be more to come :) ...this browser is really fast!
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