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Man tries to steal cop's car; blames Batman.

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I just plain love this.

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Why do I love my job? Well for starters, my assignment last week was to make this video. Nuff said.

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Blatantly disregard the outdated photo montage, pop in the earbuds, and crank it up. I dare you not to love it. It's one of those goosebump-inducing soul songs that you just want to get lost in.

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There was a whole lot of talk when Netflix upped their streaming price, but I'm still compulsively chain-watching Dirt until 2am each night. Did anyone pull the trigger and cancel their account over the price increase?

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Atta girl, Milly!
Heck yeah. The Guardian UK declares Milwaukee "the perfect place for a hip city break."

I'm hoping Google+ eventually syncs with Spotify and Kindle. Without them, kitten pictures are pretty much the only other way I contribute to the conversation.

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Yes, it may have come from a friend of friend who follows Justin Bieber on Twitter, but it's a Spotify invitation none the less! Worked for me, but I forsee the tokens going quick.

Random fact from my good friend, the AP Stylebook: By capitalizing the 'S' and 'E' in "seeing eye dog", you're referring strictly to a guide dog trained by Seeing Eye Inc. of Morristown N.J., per their trademark. Who knew?
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