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Thinking back to all that I have read, and heard about MLK, I really feel that he would be disappointed in how Americans are now. All people, of all races, need to research, and really understand what his true message was. His message was to love, and treat everyone with respect, sincerity, and honesty. His message was to treat all people, regardless of race, as you would treat the people closest to you. I have serious doubts that he would agree with how the word racism is so easily thrown around, this victim mentality, and this selfish attitude that a growing number of people have. He, along with many other fought for everyone to have equal rights. Go out and show them that their fight was worth fighting for, and not fought so that others can use it as an excuse to sit around and be worthless. Go out and be somebody. While you're at it, help someone else be somebody. Take pride in what you do. And don't judge somebody based on their skin color, financial situation, or religious beliefs. Judge them on how they treat you, the friends that they keep, and above all else, their character. Don't have the belief of "I'll respect you when you respect me". Instead always show everyone respect right off the bat. Keep showing them respect until they blatantly disrespect you. We will always see people in different colors, but that doesn't mean we are that much different. 

So I started playing #ingress today. My map is zoomed in super tight, and keeps disappearing on my screen. I have to force stop it to get it to come back. Any suggestions??

So I got my both my invites to Ingress. After installing the app, it says Ingress wants permission to access to my Google account from now on. Really?? Why would it need that??

I never see anyone mentioning Ingress anymore. Did the game wear thin that quick??

Some peoples inability to recognize their own stupidity still amazes me.

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Good morning peoples!! Starting off the new year with some flag football. 

Anyone know of an archery range in the VB area?? My daughter wants to take it up.

Still no ingress invite. I give up

Goodbye New Haven.

What's there to do in New Haven??
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