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Pretty much what I thought...
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Sounds about right to me...what's the problem? ^_~
pls give me d contacts of d neighbour's daughter.... :-p
I would of used my cell phone and called him to come and FIX THE DUMB CAR!!
whats interesting is how John sidelined the main issue. A big question comes up, Are John and Sheila's husband friends?
hey brooks i just checked out your link . The post happens to be a spoof mail.
Or the whole point is he didn't read that far... Or that personal women drama doesn't appeal as something fixable or problematic. A broken down car on the other hand is something that can be actually fixed.
+Robertas Faustas Čerkašinas What I get from this is that if you catch them in the act what advice does one need? The husband is wrong plain and simple...and why does she need to know how LONG has he been cheating on her?
John's probably having his own affair and thought it better to leave it alone, But also give help with the car so she could get the hell out of the relationship.
+Darren Keith well this is an example where talking about a problem won't fix it. Relationships are personal and it is not anyones business how anyone lives.

Men don't care about other men cheating some unknown women. Why to focus on that which can't be solved?
LOOOOOOLLLLLL Ken Burrows that is a classic comment ++++
I don't understand the problem here. He perfectly explained what was wrong with her car! Which is obviously what she was asking advice for...right? ;P
Perhaps it's a car magazine help page and Sheila just nagged on about her private life? Johns not at fault here. I said perhaps! Lol
So funny!! fuel pump problem
Holy COW that's hysterical! Can't wait to send it to my Dad - a real fan of faulty pumps and injectors. :)
That's why you should start an email saying directly what you are asking, instead of burying the question in unnecessary contextual details.
ironically John and sheila could have been friends or well simply John doesn't really care about her problem because he can only fix a car not a relationships.
Poor advice indeed ... should have mentioned moisture accumulating in the fuel tank.
if it's an older car - could be the choke
If you want to cheat on her, teach her how to fix a car....
It's an old running gag that was ripped off of Dear Annie. Been around for 10+ years at this point.
i doubt if this can be a proof that men shouldn't give advice. I guess the best adviser is a man and having kept my reasons i wish to be convinced otherwise.
this is the best advice anyone could give..thanks for the laugh...
Did she check there was actually fuel in the car!
It doesn't matter if it's a remake of a Snopes item or not, it's still funny.
This is why I'm so lucky to be with a woman who doesn't drive. (Or do I have that backwards?)
All the guy said was just a metaphor. A car stalling can be caused by a variety of faults just like an affair doesn't mean that it's all a cheating husband's fault or a bad wife's one, it's much more complex than that. Which none of you obviously understand, boneheads.
I know it's not a funny situation but I couldn't help laughing at the seeming clueless(ness) of the advice columnist!
I guess he just went for the problem he could actually offer a genuine solution to.
Sad on one hand but lol on the other.
What in sam hell is he talking about? ~SMH
Of course men wouldn't see a problem with the answer! Now if it was a man coming home to find his wife in bed with the 19 year man living next door, it would be a WHOLE other story now wouldn't it gentlemen?
ohhh, so sad... only a man would write something like this!!!!!
That's a shameless repost, have seen that thing several times already
Brilliant advice.. can't see anything wrong with it. Fuel line or pump seems to be the root of all problems.
That is Funny. I am a car guy and thought that was great lmao
They were married at 22 and 24! You got you maths very wrong.
The advise might as well be: "Who needs him. Make sure you keep the car!"...
yeah its kinda wierd too lol
@ +Carol Martinez don't be angry, the guy just wrote an answer. Sheila never said which of the problems is she actually looking assistance for, so he took a wild guess :P
+Darien Watkins You know, your calculation is really stupid.? Do you?
Also could be said, "Why men SHOULD write advice columns"
Darien, Math is still a required course to graduate High School, right?
lmfaooooo hahahahah that is awesome xD
check the gas ...sounds like youre out...just saying
This is why I don't display Google+ "what's hot" on my personal page. This joke is has an age measured in decades.

How do you minus one something?
What am I missing? A stalling car is no laughing matter.
I don't like this. It unfairly makes men look bad. Such poor advice. Chances are, she was just out of gas.
Reading this almost made me mad.. bullshyt ass response John!!!
I couldn't have given a better advice myself!!!
I think he did a pretty good job of summing up the problem. I agree though, he should've told her to make sure she had gas. I guess where he went wrong is assuming that she had a full tank.
Even the sender would have a good laugh at this .. i guess! :) 
Drakkus everyone has there own opinion so does it really matter what their own opinion is?
Too cool. Thanks for sharing.
Why Men Shouldn't--STFU trololol
I mean why should you get upset over it it's just people's opinions.
Moral of the story boys and girls? Make sure your wife's car is in order..,.
Sounds like good solid advice to me
Sometimes the comments are funnier than the original post! Some people think way too deeply about stuff like this!
WTF Really, that's all he had to say. HAHAHAHA...
Nice. Glad to see some real humor in my what's hot section.
Hmm, wonder if it was raining or she hit a puddle, maybe the distributor cap has a crack.
Yeah. Could be a problem with the computer or coil, too.
Had the very same problem not long ago, it didn't end well and I'm still paying the price now! Car parts are bloody expensive dont ya know
This guy needs a radio show
It's interesting how sheila admits she might be a wreck when it was his fault for screwing his neighbors's daughter.
LOLOL everyone is so serious... Obviously a joke
well, considering that the man should be out of the house by the time John responds then the car troubles should be the only logical response.
LOL. Poor Shella, and poor John! Woman are better at advice columns, although I don't really read them a lot, after seeing this one, I will NEVER ask advice from an advice column with a man. LOL.
I'm not sure what that lady was doing out of the kitchen in the first place? ;- )

For the avoidance of any doubt, that was a joke
Exactly the kind of good advice I used to give in my 'Dear Rod' Column about 20 years ago in the Chelan Mirror.
Fau Sta
brrrrauaaahahahahhahahah wkakakaakkaaa ahahahahahahaa
Fau Sta
Cant stop laughing....
I think it's the best advice possible. It appears that she might be leaving her husband soon, so she'll need a running vehicle!
hahaha worried about the car... i would be to ;)
My husband will get a kick outta this. Thanks for sharing!

Act Two. Wife Lessons. (

Kristen Finch was a speech therapist who sometimes worked with kids with Asperger's Syndrome, symptoms of which include emotional distance,inflexibility and missing social cues. Kristin and her co-workers often joked that all their husbands had Asperger's, since the symptoms overlap with stereotypically male personality traits.

But then Kristen wondered—what if it was actually true for her husband Dave? The quiz that Dave Finch took to determine whether he had Aspergers can be found online (note: it's not an official diagnostic tool). Dave wrote a book about this experience, called The Journal of Best Practices. (15 1/2 minutes)
As horrible as it is. Lol, well, at least he solved one problem
mehn i cant stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is damn crazy> candid advise
Men are laughing, women are fuming.

Both get it.
That is a good one ....hahahaha

I nearly just chortled so much that I had a hot chocolate related IT issue.
I think that he read half the letter and then wrote the response.
Some men are not as sensitive as woman are
This just made my Monday! Thanks for the post!
Yep, men's advice are just like them, not needed....
We mostly read only first few lines of a letter.. Answers are mostly ready made.
Maybe relationship advice is not John's field, but he seems to know a lot about cars.
Woah! Great advice John, thanks for helping her. What would she have done without you?
nice photography really nice Alabama thanks a lot .......................
this and other women with car troubles have poor vehicle maintenance. and women regard men like machine, just use them until... well
funny! When out of options call cab.
I hate to say this BUT - John very obviously missed a very important piece of advice for Sheila - He of course should have advised Sheila to ensure that her car was not abandoned on the street in a dangerous way after it broke down.....
John's epic w scissors! He cut the BS out!! 
I as a woman - think he gave the best correct advice!
That's terrible and hilarious at the same time. I'd like to think I could offer a better advice column than that.
well, she asked for it, asking a guy about this!!!!
That is the best advice a man can give to a women in such a peril...... or she should have gone to a mechanic, that way she would still live her life of "Oh my hubby is great and we cannot get enough of each other"...
Funny! And, I love how he actually kinda answers her question in code: " . . .causing low delivery pressure to the injectors."
ha ha ha... yeah men shouldn't write advise column :)
Woman, plz skip the details and get to the point, if you are talking to a guy.
Were not all like those examples!
lol i would be pissed if that happend to me :o
He's clearly not qualified to give advice. It could have just as easily been a problem with the mass airflow sensor - and he didn't mention it.
Dear Sheila this is why they make guns And in most states this is a legal excuse to use one ..
Very funny. Next time keep the car in better shape. Wife must have been to walk back a mile.I hope the neighbors daughter cleans the bedroom afterwards. Hopefully parents taught her something.
i think, this 'problem' is a common one with us, or at least with me.
when someone tells me something, i expect to have a subject line of sorts. i would prefer if i am told the summary/crux of the matter and then get on with the explanation about how you feel about it, the technical details.
Good idea! The headlines are good but i cnt read the rest part of the pictures. 
Ever thought of investing in a breakdown service?
Anything to say a man can't do any one thing is just olain foolish; Due to the fact it was said that we couldn't give proper care to our children and now men are just doing the job any way..............
A very old article but still hilarious! :-)
the stuff is funny, but some of the comments even more:-)
Why is it that only women stall cars? 
Yea that man definaly needs to reread what she wanted help with. I would have told her to SACK him and divorce him.
That is the advice my brother the mechanic would dole out. Totally ignoring the other, cause well he knows cars not people :)
Ohh man that's funny.
So like a man to avoid the larger problem.
+Lorie Jaimes
She probably did but he is too busy wid the hoe to pick up her call hahahhahhha
So did they ever find out what was wrong with the car?
He solved the problem I don't understand what is wrong...
I don't think John really addresses the problem.
There are issues in the ignition system that could be at fault. bad coil, knock sensors.. hate to even mention the ECU.
No, men shouldn't write advice columns because they don't give a shit about women's problems. And that's good, because most women are stupid selfish liars.
I agree with Lauren. shes right... they dont give a rats ass about it!
I would give the charging system a once over too. Many other possibilities but she didn't give a whole lot of info.
Wow what I miss sounds like there's two of me I'm calling it play on the feild
Jon Lee
wth doesn't make sense
Okay I'm going to just say it what is it I adviced on while she slept and its the coil
apparently the husbands fuel pump isnt broken ;)
Tho it doesn't make too much sense, it is funny

you are the cure people I am the remnant of you're collective tells
Oh my i am here to say that not every man or not even a lot of men are this insensitive or dense. I was just like wow, is he serious!!
Exceedingly nice one ....+Don callaway ... I can expect this only from another gentleman like me...+darren... you are too good....+ken.... you are more logical
i dont agree that is just a load of rubish what they say so that is my suggestion but dont get me wrong :(
I don't think he's insensitive at all, fix what can be fixed (the car) so she can use it to go to counseling, move with her mother or what ever.
That's a good one. It always gets my wife's blood going. B-)
Class response from John ~ had me in stitches ;D
Funny isn't it? Of the two problems this guy chose to correct the car issue, showing that to men cheating is not considered a problem!
1. Men are already adviced too much and already too much confused,
2. If men instead of following, start writing advice columns, ....
3. Help yourself by adding from your experiencing, learning,...

Don Callaway+ Oh before I see + and add my comment there are 1550+ and 361 comments. It is enjoyed and responded so much.
What difference my+ and Comment would make. Take it easy I am in bad habit of not controlling my kidding some times. See my comment from it.
Funny isn't it? Of the two problems this guy chose to correct the car issue, showing that to men cheating is not considered a problem!
Old cars always have some problems.
My co-worker had the same problem with her car. I just told her it might be the fuel pump, this article helped out.. Thanks John
Hahahaha! What a nice advice!
Wow. This is the most powerful reply.
WOW...that's to the people that have to explain what the columnist was getting at...Really? LOL..hysterical!
+Marijan Dzima What use is the car to her that broke down after running a mile ! For her, both are KAPUT.
I don't think it's the fuel line or the vacuum pump. I think it could be the fact that the neighbors daughter siphoned the gas to get to work. She's used the families OTHER fuel line that I'm sure she thought it wasn't a problem either. Plus Sheila's husband probably short changed her in their last "transaction".
My GOD, How Stupid is this guy! All he wanted to do, talk bout her Car when she was in need of advice for her Marriage!

Men are from Mars..Women from Venus...
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