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Software Engineer, adventurer, writer, photographer, dreamer


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Clearly racist. Tear the statue down!
Android Oreo Statue on Google Main Campus
#androido #android #oreo #google #googleplex

In something of a regular tradition, I bring you the newest Android statue on its first day. Perfection. No Hydrox substitutes allowed.

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Who all can fire off a nuke within a week?

One that actually works, I mean.

I wonder if it took so long to fire one of these bad boys off because of measured restraint, or this is as soon as it was possible? I wonder what is the actual, honest to goodness readiness of the US nuclear arsenal?

Which makes me also wonder what is the actual, honest to goodness readiness of all the the other beligerent, so-called nuclear powers?

Hell, what does it even cost to keep one of these things ready to fire? Pretty damn expensive, right?

Well, whatever the answers, if we start firing off "tests" I'd expect everyone else to start popping a few off as well.

At that point, seems it would quickly become put up or shut up.

EDIT: Which, given the times, is probably a good thing.

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Now. Let's here a political conservative say they had to do it to get it done.

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Why most thinking people don't give a rat's a$$ about other peoples ethics

Thus allowing security threats to fly into Washington DC. How does that even work. GShh. Rhetorical.)

I would like a poll.

As a conservative, would you concede defeat to your enemy instead of doing something "unethical"?

Our something "risky" that might get you in political trouble?

Or, God forbid, make a fellow "political conservative" feel politically unethical?

I'll go first. After I wipe this bit of puke from my mouth.


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There is a spirited debate in the comments as to whether it is immoral to kill such a big creature. Quite a bit of lying by liars who lie to support their positions, but regardless of the merits of either side, I'm just damn happy this beast is no longer swimming in the same water I am.

Hammerheads are one of the more aggressive sharks locally; they will bite you. Even a small one can take a nice chunk out of the ole leg or torso. This one right here would bite you in two just trying to figure out if she wants to eat the rest of you.

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Everyone had a preconception of trump based on the lying, fake news media.

CNN will say everyone is laughing at trump. Pfft. I guarantee trump is more charismatic then anyone except those who know him would believe. I don't know the context of the image, but it looks like at least six different cultures have been momentarily disarmed by a self deprecating trump.

By all measures, a winning strategy for high stakes, intractable negotiations.

Call it art.

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Testosterone, you say!

I don't think testosterone is An-gella's problem. Simply, she is a useful tool serving a higher master. In other words, a moron.

Who is that higher master? My guess it's the powerful multiple orgasms achieved whenever the morons entertain their vision of the New World Order. I remember when Rush use to call them Gorbasms. <snicker> Funny thing is, if, or when the NWO dream is achieved, the tools will be the first ones to line the mass graves, along with the media lapdogs. Absolute proof the credentialed elite, especially the journalism majors, do not pay heed to history. Heck, why should they, history was written by the evil, misogynistic patriarchy. Everyone knows that.

Ironically, red Mother Russia seems to be at odds with much of the EU today. Most likely because the EU seems deadly serious about implementing Socialism for real whereas Russia nee USSR nee Russia was primarily interested in using the dogma to implement central authority and spread tyranny across the globe.

Hey, it's a good racket... if you're in on it. Otherwise not so much.

After a small bit of consideration just now, I believe Germany is one the biggest disappointments in my lifetime, pushing W to 2nd. The Japanese make the Germans look like complete effin ingrates.

The master race to the end. We should have left Russia's boot on their neck for another 40 years. Maybe then they wouldn't be so rash to get their asses kicked in yet another war. Great warrior culture, just not very good at it.


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If you have any bitch sun glasses like this, I'd get rid of them, like, yesterday.

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