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Don Callaway
Software Engineer, adventurer, writer, photographer, dreamer
Software Engineer, adventurer, writer, photographer, dreamer

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If you have any bitch sun glasses like this, I'd get rid of them, like, yesterday.


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Is this part of the conditions before China buys Hollywood? Because come on, California government is full of commies.

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Nothing like robust error messages to help ease the life of a busy developer.

C'mon, Man.

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Why the fight over pre existing conditions? Right, I get it that people who took their gamble when they were younger and didn't buy insurance should find some difficulty in getting coverage in their forties after they find out they have pulmonary hypertension.

On the other hand, many shmucks like me whose employment decisions haven't always worked out so well, have still nonetheless worked somewhere for 35 years, and paid for insurance for must of those years, and does NOT want to hear I can't get insurance because of a pre-existing condition I probably didn't even know I had.

The Pre-existing condition scam is a legitimate concern for people who have spent a fortune on the insurance scam for their entire life.

The problem I think is that these exclusions fatten the bottom line for the insurance companies so much that big medicine, big insurance, and big pharma simply can not let go of the scam. Life a heroine addict. To the point to where they lavish so much money onto politicians to protect the golden goose, the politicians drink the kool aid, sell their souls, and do the bidding.

It's all about the dollars. It's a great scam if your in on it. Otherwise, not so much.

Like I've been saying for probably twenty years, I'm all for big business, but not at any price.

The answer? I have only one idea. Pre existing condition exclusions should be a function of pre existing insurance. If I've had insurance more than 80% of the time, I never want to hear it. Sliding scale type of thing. That seems fair.

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I don't really see the problem with using fear to scare deter foreigners from breaking the law. Afterall, that's the same way US citizens are compelled to obey every stupid law and complacently accept every little eradication of freedom and liberty.

Well, isn't it?

I heard a rumor there was going to be a bag limit in Texas. For example. Not sure how many yet.

MORE: Thinking about it, Mexico may actually come build the wall, on their side even, just to start the flow back. Welfare is an expensive government program after all. Way more than a few measly billion dollars. Consider it an investment.

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I wonder how this is going to turn out?

I think the average Joe is going to be shocked when they find out about how deep this rabbit hole goes.

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If he really wants to prepare for war, Kim should be practicing dying.

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TrumpTV on a silver platter?

For 86-year-old Rupert, Fox News is a key part of his legacy, as well as the family company's health: the most profitable news outlet ever ($1.5 billion in profits this year) and among the most influential. For James, 44, and Lachlan, 45, the hope is to reshape this legacy, to move Fox away from what they see as its retro, Trump-style views toward, well, something nicer.

This article is a bit dated, but I think the analysis is mostly spot on.

When Rupert sees the total destruction of FoxNews at the hands of these morons, he'll finally keel over from the shock and horror at the swiftness of the demise.

I've long thought O'Reilly largely benefited from the success of FoxNews. I can barely stand to watch him (I disconnected from cable years ago.) O'Reilly is not even conservative by any definition except that of a liberal. More of an east coast country club republican. O'Reilly is about as conservative as Greta but Greta was a far better, even-handed analyst.

Targeting O'Reilly is more about damaging FoxNews than hurting O'Reilly. For Lachlan and James to roll over as a no-blame ploy to rid themselves of a boorish blowhard is akin to attempted suicide by blowing your jaw off. Even if you survive, it will probably be a crappy existence.

Eight o'clock is prime time. They call it that for a reason. That's when huge numbers of people sit down to watch TV. Those who want fair and balanced news content (at least beyond anything else that is available) will turn to FoxNews. If Tucker Carlson is in that spot, he has a good chance to eventually get similar numbers to O'Reilly.

The talking head is important, but content is king. If a Fair & Balanced product isn't available at that prime time slot, viewers will look elsewhere for their shopping pleasure news fix. A savvy businessman might see a golden opportinuty. Hell, he might even be able to do a hostile take over when the stock tanks and Make Fox Great Again!

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When did scientists become such sissies? I'm developing an axiom: any scientist calling for global action isn't much of a scientist.

"This problem can only be solved globally."

I dunno, I'm thinking this makes an excellent problem opportunity for the free market. How much is all that junk worth anyway?
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