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Julie Nielsen Cabitto
Genealogist, archivist, digitizing
Genealogist, archivist, digitizing

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Exercising- Working Through My Muscle Issues
I've now worked harder at getting
healthier for 5 months! I met 2 out of 3 goals. My goals in Sep 2016
were: 1) Lose half a pound a week. 2) Work up to a half hour of exercise,
5 days a week. 3) Keep a food diary. Results: I only lost 4 pounds but
I'm exerc...

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Making Big Goals, Despite Health Challenges
How do you make goals without health problems derailing good intentions? I want to do so many things. My mind has it all figured out, but usually my body usually says "no way!" So frustrating and annoying! When I have bad days, I plan all the stuff I'm goin...

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Complicated Feelings: chronic health
I wanted to share my perspective and some honest feelings and opinions regarding chronic health issues. I'm reading/hearing most people with chronic health problems struggle with their feelings and wonder if they should feel the way they do. I consider myse...

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Clarisa- deaf blind
I was told about this Facebook page.  Clarisa is deaf and blind. I
really love the video of the dad titled, "I am so thankful for Clarisa".
I love that he holds his daughter while he signs about how he loves
her. On the FaceBook page in the "about" secti...

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Hands, things that are helping me.
I'm going to try making videos to explain things a little easier. I started a you-tube account several years ago to have a place for some of my family history video clips through my Virginia blog. I'm reworking all that. I've found several helpful You Tube ...

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Trying to exercise and loose weight with health limitations
Gaining weight in a wheelchair, when you wanted to loose more, is really discouraging! When you know you need to weigh less for your health problems, yet your health issues restrict you; Muscle paralysis when I do much of anything, and having to counter ele...

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When you feel awful, try humanitarian work!
some draw string bags liners in bundles of 50 When you have chronic health problems, it's easy to feel discouraged. It's easy to feel limited and have thoughts like: I can't do much, I can't help, I can't make a difference... Feeling helpful and needed is s...
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