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Dr. David Wendel
Chiropractor, Applied Clinical Nutritionist
Chiropractor, Applied Clinical Nutritionist


Inflammation And The Seven Pillars
Dr. Dave Wendel
It's a great time of the year! Autumn is upon us. The weather is beginning to cool down. The leaves are starting to demonstrate their amazing colors. We are getting prepped for winter. And we are about to get "slammed" with many holidays as the year closes out. Two things that always amazes me about this time of year are the quantity and quality of food that most people choose to consume. Observational studies demonstrate that the average American gains a whopping seven pounds just between Christmas and New Year's alone! The question that I want to bring forth for awareness is, "How does all of this effect your body?" I am certain that most people truly do not understand the ramifications of their indulgence, otherwise they would be more diligent in their choices and decisions of seasonal nuptials.
How are our bodies effected by these choices? What actually is happening beneath our skin? If you recall, when you began care at Natural Health & Wellness Center, we discussed the seven pillars of foundational health. When we consume white trash (bread, pasta, cereal, biscuits, muffins, pancakes, waffles, donuts, bagels, cookies, cakes, tortillas, pizza, etc.) we are causing inflammation to occur within ALL systems of our body. Eating white trash has profound negative effects on our hormonal system, making it difficult for our bodies to properly balance our hormones (about 600 different hormones in our bodies). White trash disrupts our body's sugar handling system, creating an increased inflammatory response. This will have profound effects most noticeably with our moods and sleep cycles. Next it will effect the way that our bodies digest fats and regulate minerals. Disrupting this mechanism will direct effect not only on the first two pillars, but the last four as well.
Pillar four is about inflammation within our bodies. The greater the inflammation, the more our bodies degenerate, both physically and mentally. Inflammatory issues translate not only into stiffness and pain, but also memory issues as well. Pillar five upholds your immune system, which 80% resides within your digestive tract. Which would you rather support, microbes that contribute toward a healthy you or pathogens that tear your body down and give you disease? Remember, the choice is ALWAYS your own! Next in line is circulation, pillar six. Inflammatory changes here can lead to a plethora of items including stroke, blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, heart attacks, heart disease, bruising easily, clogged arteries, atrial fibulation, and much more. These aren't signs that you are deficient in drugs, rather symptoms that your circulatory system is inflamed and in need of attention and repair.
Lastly is the digestive pillar, number seven. Quite simply, when we consume foods of commerce, white trash, we immediately alter our ability to digest that which we consume. Beginning with inappropriate stomach acid which causes reflux, which then leads to the inability to digest and assimilate minerals, which will have profound effects of inefficiency on the first six pillars. This leads to an increase of pathogens in our digestive tracts as well as an increased risk of disease processes such as infections, cancers, mood disorders, cardiovascular events, and so much more. Does this mean that we can't enjoy the holidays as we approach the end of the year? Certainly not! Remember to make smart decisions with the choices you have.
Sickness and disease are not genetic legacies. They are epigenetic events, the effect of environment upon our genes. Stop being held back and begin to unlock your full potential so that you too can live life to the fullest! This week, schedule a consultation at my expense in our office for a loved one or friend. Who knows, it just may be the greatest gift that they receive this year!

Your Gut and You
Dr. Dave Wendel

Did you know that your gut can cause heart attacks and strokes even with normal cholesterol and no plaquing in your arteries? It's true! The relationship between your gut and heart attacks and strokes is so profound yet nobody ever really thinks about it. Could you imagine your general practitioner or better yet, your cardiologist suggesting that you restore your gut function rather than give you drugs that have effect on heart function? Unheard of! Unfortunately because of this no one gives any thought to it.
Our (American) guts are under constant bombardment due to things that our society considers normal: poor diets of processed foods, dead and devitalized foods, synthetic vitamins and prescription drugs and friendly bacteria destroying antibiotics. These things destroy the flora that is in our guts, many times taking years to rebuild if and only if you are able and willing to change your lifestyle. Modern agricultural practices and food procession are the main causes of most disease in America. Most Americans are totally duped into thinking that what you eat has nothing to do with the disease process. Nowadays our food sources are industrialized, clarified, deodorized and altered with artificial flavors. It is the friendly flora in your gut that is absolutely critical to keeping you in good health, including your circulatory system.
Researchers have examined the feces of both healthy and sick people. Sick people harbor microbes that produce inflammatory triggering compounds and other agents toxic to us. Healthy people harbor flora that produce natural vitamins, antioxidants and a lot of anti-inflammatory compounds aiding in making and keeping them healthy. Your gut flora produce vitamins, hormones, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and more to help you maintain your health. If it is damaged you better expect ill-health!
If someone you know is suffering from circulatory and/or heart disease, I believe it is time for you to help show them the way to restore their health. What they really need is not an addition to their drug consumption program, rather they need to begin learning about safe, natural health care like chiropractic and whole food nutrition to help them restore their bodies functionally—neurologically, biochemically and hormonally. Take time today to discuss this information with someone that you know and work together to set up an appointment for them to come in with you on your next visit to our office just to get checked. Know someone out of our area? We’ll help you locate a practitioner in their region to help them regain their health and be able to live life to the fullest. Let's work together to help make this world a healthier place for everyone.

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What Color is a Yield Sign?
Back in 1950 there was an intersection in Oklahoma that was so riddled with severe and fatal motor vehicles accidents that the state authorities decided that they had to come up with a solution to stop the mishaps. What they developed was a brand new road sign that read "YIELD". Motorists noticed the new sign and began to slow down as they approached the intersection. Quickly this hazardous intersection became relatively safe for motorists to pass, this new signage was deemed a success and now is used nationwide. My question is for you is, "What color is a YIELD sign?"
A quite peculiar question to ask you might think, but hear me out (or in this case read on). The yield sign is a good example that a learned behavior, a belief that we grew up with, is true until something different or bad happens. For instance, most of us grew up only going to a doctor once we were sick to get well. In today's allopathic community that paradigm has greatly shifted. Doctors and medical facilities now do not want you to get well. What they want and how they treat patients is to manage patients' sickness with a series of drugs that all have varying harmful side effects.
Not sure about this? Let's look at a few examples. First, take blood pressure. When was the last time an allopathic provider took the time to actually determine WHY someone has high blood pressure? The three primary causes would be liver, kidney or adrenal dysfunction, not genetics. Determine which of the three or combination of the three need attention, correct it, and blood pressure returns to normal. What really is a normal blood pressure anyway? We are told below 120/80. A very poor study that wasn't carried through to completion determined this. Tell me that a 65 year old non athletic person should have the same blood pressure as a 20 year old active person? Should a person who is over weight with thousands of extra miles of capillaries have a lower blood pressure? No, their heart has to work harder to move the blood through the system.
What about high cholesterol? Again the causes are not because of genetics or that you have too much cholesterol in your diet. More than likely it is because you have too much white trash in your diet which causes liver and gall bladder dysfunction that leads to systemic inflammation, causing an increase of blood cholesterol. Or possible your cholesterol level is fine because it falls between 165 and 300, the correct normal range. Hmm...if that range is normal then why is below 200 the goal? If you look into a good blood cholesterol, medical literature demonstrates that in 1984 it was lowered from 300 to 240. It was then lowered again in 1997 to 200. Finally in 2013 to 175. How come? Is it healthier? Absolutely not! It's all about creating more sick people to give drugs to. Google the damaging effects of low blood cholesterol. Maybe you will finally stop your satin.
Lastly, what about the normal temperature of children. Human children I am talking about. Normal body temperature should be 98.6 degrees. The American Pediatric Society decided years ago to raise the "normal" body temperature of children to 99.1 degrees because they couldn't figure out why children were across the board presenting with higher temperatures. For me the answer is simple. Children for years have been fed white trash, which causes system inflammation, which raises body temperature. The solution is simple. Restore a Phase 1 or Phase 2 Food Plan. Actually this would help to correct all three of these issues and so much more health-wise.
The dilemma that we have is that it is very difficult to change a learned behavior. A simple thing such as going back to the way we are supposed to eat would solve most health issues; however, there is so much marketing for us to eat the wrong way that most people and medical doctors have a very difficult time believing the truth of this. Back to the YIELD sign and a simple truth. I know most of you have been thinking that they are yellow with black lettering. A good guess because that was the color of this sign when it first came out in 1950; however, since 1971, yes, 1971, these signs have been red with white lettering. A simple truth, most people have a hard time believing.

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Is Your Body Toxic??!!
Come and learn what you can do about it!!
Find out natural ways to Detoxify and Purify your body
by coming to this free workshop on:
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Why Essential Oils Is A Great Compliment To Any Health Regime
By Dr. David Wendel

Wow, how time really flies by! I still can not believe that it has been over six months since we brought essential oils into our practice. "Why would we do that?" is the question that we often get. For several years patients have been asking us about essential oils. What are they? Do they really work? What are they composed of? and many more questions. Bringing new products into our office as you probably have noticed over the past several years is something that we just don't do on a regular basis. Any product that is added to our arsenal to help people get well and achieve a higher level of health is very much scrutinized and investigated fully long before ever being== considered to be added as an extended service. Understand that there are two VERY important items at stake here. First and foremost is the health of each individual patient that walks through our door and secondly, our reputation. What's so great about essential oils? Well, let me explain to you a little bit so that you have a better understanding...
Essential oils are from plants only and truly help the body to perform many functions. Essential oils help regulate plant growth hormones and plant metabolism. They function as the plant's enzymes, build the plant's immune system, and protect the plants from the microbial world as well as insects. Essential oils may be considered as smart medicine. While they are friendly to us and our good gut bacteria (Hmm...Dr. Wendel talks a lot about good gut bacteria) they are hostile to bad bacteria, parasites, fungus and viruses. Using essential oils directly at the time of injury has benefits in the healing process both with infections and also in aiding skin tissue to repair quickly and with little to no scarring.
Essential oils are extracted from many different parts of the plant. The fruit or citrus, the flower, the leaves, the twigs, the bark and/or wood, the resin, the seeds, and the rhizomes and roots. Each part of the plant will yield a different product that may have vast differences on how it may work in the body. Yes, even if it is the same plant but a different part.
We chose to use DoTERRA brand oils for several reasons. The two biggeest being as follows: First is because they are certified pure therapeutic grade oils. This is vitally important! This certification implies that the essential oil you are using can be used aromatically, topically and internally. There are not too many essential oils on the market that can make this claim because they are loaded with fillers such as petroleum products and impurities, chemicals that you would never want in or even on your body. Next, doTERRA uses the same farming practices as MediHerb. They go to a place on this earth that the product they need is grown endemically and create sustained organic farms around the world for their product, never bringing the crop to them.
Using essential oils is intuitively simple. They are fast acting. They promote an incredible healing response on the cellular level just like that of MediHerb and Standard Process. They are absorbed into the body in less than 30 seconds to begin their healing response. They are a great compliment to both our Standard Process and MediHerb lines. Next time we check over your nutrition protocol, don't be surprised if we also prescribe an essential oil or two as part of your protocol. Remember that we are still recruiting you all to help us on our crusade to help people regain their health in a safe, natural way. If there is someone you know who is suffering with chronic illnesses, now would be a perfect
time to introduce them to Natural Health & Wellness Center to see if we could help them regain their health. Let us know whom we could help this week.

Natural Health & Wellness Center
70 West Railroad Ave
Jamesburg NJ 08831

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What Do You Mean General Tso's Chicken Isn't Wheat Free?!
By Dr. David Wendel

This past week I was having a conversation with a patient regarding her husband's current state of health. For the record, he too, is a patient. As the conversation progressed, what I was about to learn was something that truly shocked me! So much so that it actually got me thinking, "Do people really know whether or not they are sabotaging their health with what they eat?" Understand that this particular patient has been under care for quite some time. The husband of the patient was having some issues regarding his joints, possible gout. I didn't understand why he'd be having these issues because he is supposed to be eating wheat free. Fact of the matter was that he had come to our office the other day before heading out to the gym. Because he had extra time between our office and the gym, he decided to stop and have some Chinese food before working out.
Come to find out when he stopped at the restaurant he had a nice meal of General Tso's Chicken. Apparently he, like so many of our patient's hadn't made the connection that Chinese food, or most deep fried foods for that matter, are coated with a wheat based batter before being deep fried. The wheat based batter and the deep fry are very difficult for the body to digest. Adding to this trouble for this particular patient would be the problem of liver dysfunction. This particular patient, long after enjoying his meal, finished up his workout feeling less than stellar believing that he had overdone it at the gym. By the next day he was having trouble moving some of his joints, particularly his hands.
I can not stress enough how important it is that we recognize what the nutrition is or is not that we are putting into our bodies. The phrase: "You are what you eat" has such merit. Think of your body like a formula one race care. This car needs high octane fuel in order for it to zoom around the racetrack at what ever speeds that it reaches. How would you expect this vehicle to preform if you just put regular unleaded gasoline into it? Poorly to say the least. Well it is time to begin to think of your body in this manner. We can't expect to "fill up" our gas tanks with regular unleaded gasoline and get a high octane formula one result.
As people eat substances that just not food, substances that are missing one of the following: vitamin complexes, minerals, live active enzymes, fats and proteins, the one thing that they should expect is that their bodies will break down and start to display disease processes. Allopathically disease processes are considered a normal right of passage as we age. Holistically we know almost all disease processes are due to some nutritional deficiency. At Natural Health & Wellness Center we teach the Page Phase 1 and Phase 2 Food Plans. How come? Because currently there are no other food plans that come even close to these plans for fueling our bodies and correcting disease processes.
This week as you go about your weekly activities, keep an eye out for that friend, family member or coworker who has been struggling with some disease process.. Once discovered, remember to refer them in to us for their free consult to help determine whether or not holistic care would best serve them. As for our patient and his General Tso's Chicken? We don't believe he'll be having any of that in the near future.
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