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Golden I Construction INC
"The Best Choice Ever" for kitchen, bathroom, apartment renovations in NYC
"The Best Choice Ever" for kitchen, bathroom, apartment renovations in NYC
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Golden I Construction specializes in CO OP / CO-OP renovations in NYC. We make the process simple, easy and get it expedited the fastest. Whether it's coordinating work times or handling and filing permits we do it all. Read more about our CO-OP renovation page below.

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Kitchen Renovation Tips:

There are many kitchen renovation ideas that don't cost all that much to implement if you are thinking along the lines of renovating your kitchen. However, you need to take a long hard look at your present kitchen and decide what features would give you the best value for money. Is there any point in spending money on band-aid solutions that may make the kitchen look better, but will not really make it more modern to work in or add features that would really make a difference to the ease of use?


Kitchen renovation ideas vary based on the type and shape of your space. As an example the most popular one, is an 'L' shaped kitchen layout. There are virtually numerous layouts that are innovative, for example, a 'U' shaped layout for small kitchen renovation, the dual 'L' or parallel displays for the larger ones.

While upgrading your kitchen, stay back and visualize the best design that would match your room perfectly. When designing, you need to determine the location for your appliances, the fridge, stove, oven and perhaps the microwave. You also need to determine where you plan to install your sink. Keeping these in mind when designing your kitchen will assist you to figure out the remaining aspects of your renovation project.

The Sink

Your sink is one of the most important aspects of your kitchen. You need to determine based on your plumbing (if you do not wish to relocate your plumbing) where your sinks should be located. You will then need to measure all specs so that you can purchase the right size sink for your kitchen.

Sinks that have two basins are quite popular where one can be used for washing and other for rinsing or another function. When implementing kitchen renovating ideas, you can even think about placing your sink and dish-washer close to one another for your convenience.


A great kitchen is one that provides sufficient space for storing dishes, glasses, pans as well as various cooking devices. Proper design to allow maximum use of the space for mounting your cabinetry is paramount.

Cabinets may vary in size depending where they are mounted. For instance you can mount smaller sized cabinets on top of your fridge for additional space. The finished result should be elegant as well as practical. You can find various free home design tools on the web that will assist you to design your kitchen based on your layout.

Types of Countertops

Since countertops occupy a large portion of your kitchen, selecting the correct style and color that matches the rest of your setting is a must. Your countertop's color and design should match the cabinetry, the floor as well as wall colors.

Countertops are made of laminate, solid surface, granite or stone with the last two mentioned being the most elegant as well as the most expensive option. If you are looking for great kitchen renovation ideas but you have a limited budget, then laminate countertop is a very viable option as it resembles granite in terms of look and comes in various styles.

These were some basic ideas for renovation that should give you a start in your home improvement project.

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If you are looking for a Kitchen Remodeling contractor in the NYC area, or wondering where to find "kitchen renovation contractors near me", view our kitchen renovation page where we will show a slide show of our luxury kitchen renovations. If you are interested please contact Golden I Construction INC at (212) 837-8117 .
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