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Brenda Abel
My goal is God Himself, at any cost, dear Lord, by any road.
My goal is God Himself, at any cost, dear Lord, by any road.

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on turning twenty-eight
It seems my blogging patterns are as follows: New Year's, anniversary, birthday; repeat cycle. I suppose that's okay, although I wish it were more. I'm glad to have captured these three important, more  reflective  times, at the very least... Last Thursday ...

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never stop exploring
Never Stop Exploring: The PNW Escapades We recently returned from spending a week in the Pacific Northwest (two nights in Portland, OR, 5 nights in Seattle, WA) celebrating our 2nd anniversary. I can't even believe that it has been (almost)  two years  sinc...

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dear twenty-fourteen
Celebrating the final night of twenty-fourteen My year would not have been so amazing if it weren't for him As twenty-fourteen comes to an end, I sit here in my tiny living room, with the candles lit, and a death cab for cutie vinyl playing in the backgroun...

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short update: college
How cute is my husband with his backpack & skateboard!? (we live close enough to walk, or for him - skate, to school) This is the fifth week of my first semester back in college. So far school has been good. I'm starting to find a balance between work, clas...

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adult decisions, part one: brenda goes to college
One thing that I've noticed since entering into my late twenties is, you start to think about things years in advance. You begin to weigh out the effects that your decisions will have, far more than you did when you were in your early twenties. You realize ...

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my life, as of late
I was looking for something to write about, when I came across my friend Chelsea's recent blog post . Thanks for the inspiration, Chels!  this photo makes me so happy // OC Fair 2014 // >>>   >>>   >>> Eating  - I have a morning breakfast routine: Jenny-O t...

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bucket list: updates & progress
It's been a year since I wrote a blog post about my Bucket List . I thought it would be fun & motivating if I revisited it. I was surprised that although I may not have accomplished a lot of these things, I have started the process of several of them! I fig...

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summer getaways: palm springs
p a l m  s p r i n g s  ;   "the people are the city" My best friend, Becky, and I have been wanting to plan a get-away for a while; just the two of us. We knew we wanted it to be close enough to drive to, but far enough away where we felt like it was an ac...

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// my love & i on the 4th of july // my last few days of being twenty-six If you would have asked me a few years ago how I felt about getting older, I would have told you that I was dreading it. I used to have this fear of getting older, and all the respons...

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one year down, a lifetime to go
photo credit: sarah shreves A week and a half ago, Jamey and I celebrated ONE year of marriage. We heard a lot of things about the first year of marriage. One thing being that it would fly by, and another that it would be the hardest year. One was true, and...
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