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Building your static site with Hugo, FlightJS, SASS and Gulp
Hugo provides a good workspace for creating layouts and content. I'm very much satisfied with the options available to customise the site. However, Hugo does not have a say in how CSS and JavaScript should be structured so that it can be included on our sit...

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Hugo - On layouts and content organization
Layouts in Hugo allow you to define the how the posts in the content directory would be displayed. In addition to defining layouts for the content posts, you can define the layout for the home page, define partials and include it in different layout templat...

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On Static Site Generator - Hugo
Over the last few weeks, I've been looking into a Static Site Generator - Hugo. A Static Site Generator is useful if you're building an application which does not require dynamic data to be served. A blog can be considered as a service which serves static c...

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Learning ES6 - Arrow functions and the visibility of this and arguments scope in it
Last week I looked at the use of let and const keywords in ES6 . This week I have been looking at Arrow function expressions, which enable you to create functions without using the function keyword. They provide a shorter syntax to represent a function. I a...

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Learning ES6 - using let, const and Temporal Dead Zone
I've finally started to learn EcmaScript 6 (ES2015) and thought it would be good to start writing about it as I learn. There are a bunch of features in ES6 and a good place to start would be to learn the use of let and const . I haven't deep dived into all ...

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On choosing Material Design for Angular over UI Bootstrap
There are many UI frameworks out there - Bootstrap, Foundation, Semantic UI etc. I have used Bootstrap in the past, however I'm very much inclined towards using Material Design for Angular. There are many good reasons to use Material Design over Bootstrap o...

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Improvising Angular + Require template
Sometime back I wrote a post on using Angular and Require to create a project template . The idea was to make the application more modular and broken down into multiple components that can be easily reused. I have made some more modifications to the templat...

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Angular + Require project template
I've been working on an Angular project for good number months. There's a lot that I've learned and I've realized that the code I wrote could have been structured in a better way. I wanted to write this post sometime back, however I thought it would be bett...

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Lazy loading AngularJS components using Providers
I've been working on an Angular project for sometime now and I usually run across issues when building the application. In most of the example applications that I've seen, all application script files are loaded upfront i.e. all JavaScript files are loaded ...

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AngularJS - Resolving data services before instantiating the Controller and Template
I have been working on an Angular application for sometime now and I have started to like this approach to client-side development. It's a different approach when compared to developing applications using Backbone and Require. I was looking at routing in An...
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