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It's difficult for me to summarize this whole thing, but let me say this:

In the end, Matti got his drama. He got the apex of drama. The height of drama. Drama that would make the greatest theater nerds excited. In fact, someone is probably talking right now about doing a stage play based on these events.

But he didn't get the drama he was expecting, or demanding.

The drama that happened was not the drama they came to film, and thus it will not be shown on Youtube. (Contrary to what was originally planned.)

The drama that happened does not paint game developers as petty squabblers, fighting amongst themselves because one of them is a WOMAN (and also an aerospace engineer, but that didn't matter to Matti). Because that's not the drama we got, Important People aren't interested in it. Because the drama we got paints powerful brands in a negative light, Important People lost their jobs over it.

I want to make sure you understand how this particular outcome is both bizarre and surreal.

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+Enne Walker (and any other Google employees who might be seeing this)

So i was looking at this thing about the TI-83's coding capabilities ( because G+ doesn't have a valid hyperlink system) and i was thinking:

Back in high school, coding TI-83s was a thing. You could add some cool features onto it, including games, and it had a whole community built around it actually. (Which was pretty good back when i was in high school as the internet was nowhere near as widespread then as it is now!)

Why is it that we don't have a similar feature on phones? I know Android has an open SDK and a bunch of good developer tools, but let's be honest: those are more professional level tools aimed at people who already know what they're doing. We know high school kids can do pretty well with them (just look at XDA or the tutorials on Youtube--stuffed full of high school kids), but it's not exactly the same level of "stuff to do in your math class".

Reasons i can see for that:

1. "Open time" has been cracked down on in schools. If you pull out a device like a phone you're going to be in trouble. Messing around on your calculator, by comparison, was a lesser crime.
2. Phones have a huge suite of software already available over the internet on a click-to-download level, nothing like that existed for fancy calculators.
3. Calculators had the software built-in, whereas phones require a download. Because it's not universal it's more difficult for a community to form. (As +Kalil Chernov put it, games that ship with mod tools have more mods for them.)

That last one is a tough one. I don't quite have the coding talent myself to create some sort of application like this, but i was thinking: why doesn't Google ship with one? I know it would take some time to create, but Google benefits from having more coders available and so giving people tools to get into coding would be nice.

Basically i'm thinking one of those basic, contextual code creation tools that aren't terribly advanced. Hypothetically there's nothing stopping it from generating a real application either so you could distribute it or whatever.

It seems like it'd be a cool thing to have.

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(Just don't read the fucking comments section, as per standard operating procedure...)

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Witchcraft Works PV.

I am unreasonably hype for this show. It's probably going to be terrible and i'm going to hate it, but goddamn do i want it to be good.

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Youtube has been experiencing some issues recently. That "...oh" response is happening more often. This is what happens when some VP or something tells a bunch of engineers "okay you have to integrate Youtube into G+ now, make it so that none of their functionality is replicated and you can't have a Youtube account without a G+ account".

This is what happens.

I solved this problem, though. I got a Vimeo account.

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A reasonably good article talking about some of the silly parts of libertarianism.

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With the recently renewed attack on net neutrality, i present to you the bold new future. (Only the base level will be $60/month, obviously.)

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I guess i broke out the party hats a little soon on this one :(

Still possibly an improvement, but...

(Edit: looking further into the previous laws, maybe it's not an improvement...)

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This is a pretty damn amazing thing, it's almost science fiction.
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