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I learned everything I know about #cocktails  from +Noelle Chun .

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Brilliant! Thanks, +Bill Glover, for lighting up my Foursquare life.
Absolutely love these data visualizations.

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Love +Don Graham 's schoolboy enthusiasm about Washington Post's new beta reader. And +Robert Scoble ain't too bad, either :)
Wow. I +love+ this new "social reader" from Washington Post.

+Don Graham, chairman of the Washington Post company (damn smart guy who has seen a TON in the publishing world) and I talk about this.

We talk about porn, too. "I wouldn't use this app for that," he says.

Really interesting insights into why these IDENTITY ENGINES are going to change everything.

And if you think that Google won't do this I have a nice bridge to sell you in San Francisco (Google is working on a new reader like this code-named "Propeller.")

You gotta be on Facebook to try this out:

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I really love this perspective for some reason. Maybe from growing up on science fiction - Star Trek, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the like?

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The ambiguity of reality. Thanks, +Bill Glover for re-sharing.
Yes or no - it depends on your point of view.

A reminder to look at things from all sides before judging?

From +Guy Malachi

"At the end of this video, you'll see the students discussing and actually arguing — which is the whole point of education."
- Son's high school physics teacher

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Loving this interview of Jane Lynch. I appreciate her honesty and her humor. Thank you, The Atlantic!
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