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Ou est le livre? à la Biblioteque.
Ou est le livre? à la Biblioteque.

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It's been a while since I've talked about design, but I considered what +Daniel Solis ' recent post meant for legacy games. As I have a few legacy concepts on the backburner maybe they should get some attention.

What do you think +Christopher Urinko ?

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I really like this idea. I think there is a lot to toy with in the microgame format that remains unexplored. I've been toying with it with some of the designers I've been working with recently.

I think there is also a huge market space between deckbuilders and LCG/CCGs that remains untouched. This seems to tap into that by making a LCG format affordable and accessible. I'm developing a game that tries to step into this arena by making deckbuilding easier and require less investment of time and money. Good to see others are starting to fill out this zone too.

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Very cool article +Daniel Solis!!

 I've never really taken the time to think how much our considerations of choices and fairness are so tied to our cultural heritages. I'm looking forward to getting more exposure to 'world' games and incorporating them into my designs. Keep us updated when you find something that makes you question your western influenced principles.

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There is a cool new Video about Jehovah's Witnesses in Manhattan.

The displays look great and the reaction of some of the passersby was interesting. I appreciated that the displays were multilingual so that no one would feel left out. This is a beautiful thing.

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