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Joshua Fulkerson
Thoughts and musings from a boy on the run
Thoughts and musings from a boy on the run

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A Brief Overview of the Security Bill
Y esterday, during a Parliament meeting in the lower house of Japan's National Diet - The House of Representatives - politicians threw themselves over a committee chairman in an exasperated effort to prevent the reading of bills which threaten to bring unpr...

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The Han Toshi
I haven't written in a long time, even though I really want to. I reached a point where I needed to divorce myself from the keyboard when I wanted to talk about school/work lest my thoughts devolve into angry musings that none would care to read. I try to s...

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Tales from the Shokuinshitsu Vol. 4
Volume 4: In which it's not always about her, but it usually is. I saw a wireless router up on a shelf when I first arrived this school about 2 years ago. For the longest time I didn't even ask about connecting to the WiFi because there was really no need. ...

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I think I'm just going to start writing and see what comes out today. Bottling up depression is dangerous and quite different than when someone bottles up anger. When one bottles up anger, it's apt to explode like a can of soda opening after rigorous agitat...

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Single File: In The Flowers
Things have been tough lately.  I thought I would try writing about that which has always lifted my spirits. Single File is segment that analyzes a lone track off an album I enjoyed. The track being discussed isn't necessarily always a 'single,' but rather ...

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Write, Reflect, Repeat
On The Importance of Journaling Abroad      About two weeks ago, a fair-sized group of us were enjoying dinner at a restaurant called Steak Gusto down in Yonago. We dined and caught up on the latest happenings from our respective schools and lives. During t...

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Tales of the Shokuinshitsu (The Exciting Conclusion)
Tales of the Shokuinshitsu Volume 3: It Melts Like Sugar In The Rain      Today something quite magical happened. The person who has been the bane of my work existence took another knee today to explain something to me. She started with her usual insincere ...

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Once A Spring
There is little else better in life than to tell a true story whilst being idle on a stormy day. Spring      Yesterday, Tottori Bokujou was the picture of spring. The gnarled roots of cherry trees gave way to twisting branches which reached across from eith...

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Do You Remember?
Staring down Nakamise at Kaminarimon      About a month ago I went to Tokyo with Mitsuko. I wasn't bursting with excitement before we went - apart from an amazing concert - because I had been before and it's always seemed like a place you really only need t...

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Graduation Second years waiting anxiously for the graduates to walk the halls      Graduation has come and gone. This year was quite special in that I knew all my third years very well. They were an exceptional group of kids, and just to warn you: I'll prob...
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