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David McGrogan
If there is nothing wrong with me, maybe there is something wrong with the universe.
If there is nothing wrong with me, maybe there is something wrong with the universe.

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Who among you would like to take part in an EXPERIMENT? I am thinking of developing a little free give-away strategy game based in the Oligarchies of the Mountains of the Moon. Sort of a Yoon-Suin version of Birthright and the Dominion management rules from the green Companion Basic set. I have the rudiments of the rules written down and was thinking of doing some play testing via post on G+.

If you are interested, let me know either on G+ or email. I will not go crazy with the number of people - probably just 1 or 2 at first to see how things go.

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In case anyone would like to follow me there, I have added an author page on Goodreads.

I'm curious to know if anybody has used Yoon-Suin to run a campaign somewhere other than the Yellow City. That naturally seems the default option but I'm curious whether people have set games in the Hundred Kingdoms, Lower Druk Yul, etc.?

Welcome to the Yoon-Suin official community. I'll be posting Yoon-Suin-related stuff here, as well as any announcements. I also encourage you to post and share what you've created using the book!

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The first issue of my 'zine The Peridot is out in PDF. It contains contents for OSR and D&D type games, with the emphasis on being rules lite and portable to other systems. 80 pages of goodness, with a POD version to come in around a week or so.

Hello all. I wrote and self-published Yoon-Suin, a (to me, surprisingly successful) fantasy setting for role playing games. I am currently working on New Troy, which is a toolbox for creating mythic otherworlds in Arthurian settings. Nice to meet you all. 

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David McGrogan commented on a post on Blogger.
Funnily enough I was reading through the above mentioned PDF only recently. Fond memories. That's the good side of

More generally, I like the idea of this post. It's been said before by people cleverer than me that you could basically make an entire D&D setting out of just hex maps and random encounter tables. I'd like to try that approach some time.

I'm also getting that hankering to play 2nd edition once again. It has its flaws but actually, the thing that I like about it is the thing most people seem to hate: the feel. There's something optimistic and slightly innocent about it, which is really refreshing when set against all the edginess that there is nowadays. 
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Does the thought of knights piloting mechs around a post-apocalyptic Martian landscape appeal to you? If not, are you stupid or something? Pendragon of Mars is a mashup of Pendragon and Mech Warrior 1st edition that I will be running on Wednesdays at 7.30, GMT, starting March 6th. I have +Zak Smith +Patrick Stuart and +Nathan Ryder on board - could do with one more player. 
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