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Only the impossible is worth the effort
Only the impossible is worth the effort

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Because of how I started playing DW, I always assumed that the first session is what should give you the idea about the world, that's why I'm pretty surprised you go into 1st session with that jungle.

My recommendation is to just make them choose their classes and names a day or two before the game and write class-based starters for them, with some extra stuff and extra questions to build the world upons, and them just drop them into some action, see what happens. 

Dear DM, just bear in mind, that going in to a 1st session with too much prep/expectations potentially kills player input, and that's of DW's strengths. Unless your jungle plans are just 'There's a jungle' it's ok. Don't put too many details in your head or you;ll start getting in the way of yur player's creativity.
Hey folks, I've got a question about my first Dungeon World campaign. I'm new to the game, as are all my players, but we're super excited to start playing. Our campaign is going to have a lot of wilderness action (the setting includes a jungle the size of an ocean) and I know that people really recommend The Perilous Wilds for handling that stuff.

Given that none of us have played before, would you recommend that we keep it simple and just use the base game, or is Perilous Wilds simple and straightforward enough that it will help make a wilderness-heavy campaign shine?

Thanks for the help!

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Chapter Two 8
I am sorry, but these men and women seem very dumb to me. I can’t help myself to think that. They were taught by him and they didn’t notice how petty and ridiculously weak their magic is. But because of them all nations had a policy of denouncing anything r...

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It's more then a monster - it's an amazing hook for a big sidequest in your campaign!

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I finished up the custom character sheets for my core players. I'm pretty happy with them, but I think I'd make a few changes if I do this again. I feel like the section for Bonds could be a bit smaller, but I had one of the players write theirs out and they took up most of that space. I also forgot just how many starting moves the Necromancer started with, and so they have the least room for gear on the front. At least the back has a nice section for notes and gear and such. The character portraits were provided by my wife:
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Anyone heard of Elder Scroll World or Morrowind World being created? #elderscrolls   #morrowind  #dungeonworld   #poweredbytheapocalypse  

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Chapter Two 7
This reminds me of one of my lives, after the millenium war... Well - After everyone in the world was beaten and Derek could, with a single command, wipe out humanity, he decided not to. We were all there, waiting for this to happen, but he never did it. An...
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