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Marcia Johnson
Bringing to the foreground Integrity, Honesty & Empowering Conversations.
Bringing to the foreground Integrity, Honesty & Empowering Conversations.

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My Deep Dark Secret
After all of these years it finally happened. Ok, wait…
let me just say, now I feel stuck because I have to explain what is happening
but it is hard to put into words; the same way that a Picture of a spectacular scenery
just can’t capture the magnitude of ...

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Let's stop the pain!! 

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A little story about Braces..

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Hiring for BC ... Experienced 2nd or 3year Electrical Apprentices

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Teachers are my Hero's!

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Teachers Are My Hero's
The last time our teachers had to strike, my oldest son was in grade 12. As a parent, I was pissed off that my son's future was used as leverage in negotiations. It was very frustrating and depressing that my children were used as pons. I know that some peo...

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This family needs our support, please take a moment and watch this video! "The most terrifying part of all of this is the thought that I may not make it through to be there for my family. I will do everything in my power to prepare myself and try to be as strong as I can be for this. Though I would appreciate any prayers or well wishing thoughts to help carry me through. Love to everyone." ~ Brandy Sims #peace #peacehug  

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We invite YOU to create a video to share what Peace means to you and how you are grateful for the Peace that you have in your life. With and inside a collaboration, to raise awareness of The International Day of Peace and CELEBRATE ‘A DAY OF GRATITUDE & THANKS’, we will share your video with all of our contacts, to focus on all the good being created by people all across the World.

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Sharing Peace throught Video
Prospects for peace are better
today than they have ever been. We live in a time when communication through
technology is possible to help create conversations between us and people who
we have been told are our enemy. We can now see for ourselves directly ...

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Security, Privacy, Freedom & Big Brother…
Remember how invaded we used to feel when our siblings or parents were caught reading our personal journals? Now that our “Diary’s” have moved off the page and onto the screen we have more to worry about than just a personal invasion
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