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James Watts
Recent University of Liverpool Graduate, Bioveterinary Science, 2011
Recent University of Liverpool Graduate, Bioveterinary Science, 2011

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Hi guys - I've spent a lot of time over the past couple of months developing a 'Pet Health Suite' that allows you to record and monitor multiple pet weights, measurements, body condition score etc.

I'm looking to develop it much further and include a way to track the amount of calories your dog needs to lose/maintain weight along with many other ideas.

At the moment, I would greatly benefit from people using it and reporting problems and making suggestions for improvements and new features!

If you'd like to alpha test this tool I'd greatly appreciate it! (It's in a working state too, so you'll benefit from it as well!)

If anyone would like to cover it in a blog post I'd be extremely grateful!

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help out! 

Europe West 6 
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Large region (surprisingly) good server uptime

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Something I wrote a little while ago about starting a pet blog:

New bloggers might find some useful tips in there - also feel free to add your own tips in the comments! 

If you guys don't participate in the Saturday Pet Blog hop, be sure to check it out. Hosted by Lifewithdogs and a couple of other large pet blogs, it allows you to add your link to the end of each post. This link is then published on multiple site that participate in the blog hop. 

Submit your post once and you can have a link to a specific article on usually around 25-50 blogs! 

This week's link: (scroll down to the bottom and look for the 'Linky' tool) 

Don't forget to 'hop' around the blogs included in the Linky tool and leave a comment of two, it is a great way to start building a name (a getting some traffic) when first starting your pet blog - not to say that it doesn't help the established blogs too! 

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Thanks for setting up this community Dawn.

I'm James and have been blogging on for PetSci for over a year now. I've also developed a few tools on the site for pet owners. 

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