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Looks like you are aware of the calcium needed for these plants.

FYI for those reading comments, as a rule of thumb, you should fertilize with liquid fish fertilizer and calcium (I just use blood and bone meal) every other week until you are ready for the flowers to produce fruit. At that time stop with the liquid fish fertilizer, but continue with calcium.
The hotter the pepper, the more calcium it needs. Wrinkled leaves are a tale tell sign of calcium deficiency. If you continue with nitrogen based fertilizers, you could see aborted flowers, so stop with the liquid fish or whatever you're using.
Don't water too frequently. Let the soil dry a bit before doing a nice soak. That should help the leaves from browning, and the fruit won't be as bitter. Too much water will make for bitter fruit.
Nice video! This year I'm growing a couple Chimayos, White Hab, Ghost, Chocolate Hab, and a Reaper. Got some patio tomatoes for sauces to go with these peppers. Everything is looking good. I live in VA so I've got great heat, sun and humidity. 
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Drew Bishop

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Drew Bishop originally shared:
Finally fixed my car. Been saving up for it for a while now. Good to have it done! Might pass inspection now. 
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Great service, awesome food. I come here for lunch all the time and I love it.
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