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Usual the summer months are quiet. Not so in 2016! I was very busy proofreading LLM dissertations. My proofreading does not begin and end with correcting spelling and grammar. I also suggest improvements to the structure and presentation of the work and pay meticulous attention to the Conclusion which is often neglected by students. If you want to improve your LLM dissertation or thesis do not hesitate to contact me.

Remember to include an Introduction when writing your essay. It is very tempting to launch into the main part of your essay without setting the scene and indicating the arguments you will present along with other salient points.The Introduction is similar to a Table of Contents enabling readers to anticipate and navigate the route of your essay.

Just proofreading a 3,000 word essay which has a 4 line conclusion. This does not do the essay justice and although the majoriy of the essay is well written, the conclusion renders this redundant. The conclusion is the last thing the examiner reads so make sure it delivers a punch and achieves its objective.

Hough v Greathall Ltd [2015] EWCA Civ 23; [2015] WLR (D) 39

Business premises (security of tenure) — Landlord's intention to reconstruct — Time of intention — Landlord serving notice of termination of tenancy — Relevant date for determining landlord’s intention — Whether date of notice of termination or date of hearing of application for new tenancy.

The claimant argued that the relevant date was not the date of the hearing but the date of service by the defendant of its notice determining the contractual term of the current tenancy under section 25 of the 1954 Act.
The leading case as to the date upon which a landlord’s “intention” had to be established for the purposes of section 30(1)(f) of the 1954 Act was the decision of the House of Lords in Betty’s Cafés Ltd v Phillips Furnishing Stores Ltd. Since that decision it had been widely understood that the date upon which the landlord’s intention had to be established was the date of the hearing of the court application.

Demand for LLM essays increasing. Please remember to order well before your deadline. I can write the essay in accordance with your Proposal or I can help with the Proposal itself and the Essay.

Proofreading essay on international law at LLM level. Although there is no prescribed level for number of sources cited, an essay of 5000 words should have more than 20. Writing at that level you need references to many more reliable and authoritative sources or you will not achieve the required grade.

(Rawstron v Freud, 2014 EWHC 2577 Ch) will be of interest to those studying equity and trusts. It concerns the issue of secret and half-secret trusts. The High Court relied on 'the natural and ordinary meaning of the words used in clause 6 of the will' as well as its other provisions and overall purpose. A key factor in the decision was that the 2006 will revoked an earlier will that contained a differently worded clause 6 which was plainly intended to create a half-secret trust. The Court held that Lucian Freud did not intend to create a half-secret trust by clause 6 of the new will

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LLM essay on belligerent law. Be sure to set the essay out in a logical, structured way so that the points flow seamlessly and the essay is not disjointed. Let assist by writing your LLB or LLM essay.

Correct referencing is often overlooked or given scant regard by students. It is very important and can be the difference between a 2.2 and a 2.1 grade. Be consistent with your referencing. I have seen an academic journal written in italics and then another journal written in ordinary type within footnotes on the same page. This will be marked down

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