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Pam Adger
Scientist, Data Governance, Posts Humor, Science and miscellaneous crap.
Scientist, Data Governance, Posts Humor, Science and miscellaneous crap.

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Google did a thing with one of my pictures. This is a lavender plant in our backyard.

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Via +Mark P​

Highly irritated.... Despite changing my deductions to married and zero... we owe $1700 to the federal government and $450 to the state. I guess the days of refunds is over for us. Since our mortgage interest goes down every year... I'm going to either start paying quarterly estimated tax or start putting money into an extra savings account I have with the credit union every month so I don't get caught with a tax bill I can't afford. I'm also going to up my 401k contributions by a couple of percent. Lord have mercy. 

I'm feeling stuck at the 20 pounds down mark. I know it's just a temporary plateau but almost 4 months into this new eating thing and I really want to see more progress. I've told myself that I was sick for almost 2 months this year and progress will come as I get back into the rhythm of exercise... But still. Also... I think I need more big salads in my diet. The enchiladas are a great tasting treat this week but in order to keep my calories down the portions are small and I am still hungry after eating. I guess I could have a salad with the enchiladas. I would only be adding a couple of hundred calories total and I could skip the snack in the afternoon. Also my quit smoking date is coming up next month and I need to be careful not to use food to compensate. I bought a jump rope. I figure I can go outside and jump rope for 5 minutes rather than light that cigarette. We'll see how that goes. 

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A predator (bird) dropped this and it landed on my windshield. It took some scraping to get it off. I'm guessing... Rabbit?

I put on my workout clothes... walked around the house in front of my husband... went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical... Only when I got to work did I realize my pants are inside out. Hubby didn't say a word. No one at the gym said a word. It's not at all subtle. Thank God I check for boogers, and stuff between my teeth on a regular basis. 

I caught the last 5 minutes of this show on CW called The Flash. I'm sorry but musical superhero? 

How many of you do a big Easter thing? I would make baskets for the kids and maybe hide some eggs... But I don't think I've ever done a Easter dinner thing as an adult. 

I'm at the point where any comment in my posts unrelated or exhibiting a complete lack of comprehension of what I said gets deleted without any response whatsoever. This is really common on my smoothie posts. To the point that I quit adding smoothies unless I am really feeling like reading random words placed next to each other. 
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