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The Hildibrand quest chain is probably the best written of the quest chains in FF14. For spoilery example.... You're chasing a person who can change their appearance with magic. One of the characters -- Inspector B. -- tells you that the bad guy -- this Man...

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Alien Board Game Concept: Second Post
I am embracing my Ameritrash gaming roots for this game. There are six decks included. 1. The Character Cards, which include The Alien Cards.  You pull powers from the Alien Cards to determine what the Alien does as a revealed Alien.  All Alien Power Cards ...

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Board Game Rough Concept
Rough game notes for Alien-esque Game. The goal is to re-create the feeling of Aliens/The Thing. There are three "teams," for lack of a better word. Good Guy Humans: Good Guy Humans do not know what team anyone else is on. Their objectives tend to involve e...

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Final Fantasy 9: Festival of the Hunt
As you may or may not know, I've never played FF9 before now. I just finished the Festival of the Hunt and walked a bit to pick up Quina. I'm not reading any strategy/spoilers as I go, but I figure that due to Dissidia and FFRK, most of the main plot beats ...

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This Is Not How You Bring the Country Together
So, Grub Hub's CEO has sent out two press releases . The one at the bottom there is then attempted to be walked back by the one at the top. When asked, Grub Hub sent me a stock reply, because I was wondering what they'd do now that a CEO had insulted about ...

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Election 2016: One Upside
CNBC reports that Trump spent about half as much as Clinton to win the White House. If nothing else, maybe this will help get money out of politics. There used to be an assumption that X dollars transferred into Y votes, and so people would do whatever it t...

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CNN Should Not Host a Debate in 2020
Semi-political thought for the day. CNN run debates have been terrible for almost a decade. During the 2007/8 cycle , they had "undecided, ordinary Republican voters" who, if you bothered to Google their names/YouTube pages, turned out to be a veteran worki...

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Design Problems With Legion/MMOs in General
Not even a few weeks into Legion's release, normals were no longer relevant content. At this point, if not at the same time, Heroics were no longer relevant content. As it is, for players who started on release day and pushed, regular Mythics are no longer ...

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Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Great Game, Bad Ending
I know I'm a few years behind, but I just finished this game, and I feel like the ending... I don't want to say is terrible, but I just don't get it. From the title, you should be able to guess that there are spoilers for the ending of the game. So, don't c...

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper 5-Star Advice
Fun fact: I play Final Fantasy Record Keeper. I wrote out this email to a friend, and realized, I should share it. I was looking for the best 5-star abilities [excluding Full Break which is slowly becoming more and more mandatory], and I made this to help m...
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