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VHS rentals were at their highest in 1992
By 2007 the film industry stopped tracking VHS rentals as there were so few
VHS rentals in 1992 were almost four times higher than DVD rentals in 2012
The peak for VHS sales was 1998, and the DVD peak was in 2008.
The first Netflix-like service was offered in the 1980s, called Video Mailbox

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Announcing: BINGO NIGHT! (the film)

We are pleased to announce: Bingo Night! the film.  This independent film is reaching out through a kickstarter campaign to raise funds in order to finish the film.  

Bingo Night! features actresses Lynne Stewart ("Bridesmaids", "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia") Mindy Sterling ("Austin Powers", "Legit") and Brenda Pickleman ("Groundhog Day", "US Marshals") and was shot in Madison, WI.  It is the story of Ethel, a retiree on the brink of eviction who recruits her friends Vivian and Ruth, and devises a plan to rob the cash cow of their small Midwest town: the local bingo hall.



Contact: Ryan Heraly || 920 205 8681
Announcing: BINGO NIGHT! (the film) Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Los Angeles, CA (10/1/2013) – Jordan Liebowitz (writer/director) and Ryan Heraly (producer) are excited to announce the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for Bingo Night! The film is a comedy starring Lynne Stewart (“Bridesmaids”, “Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia”), Mindy Sterling (“Austin Powers”, “Legit”), Ben Fritz (“Electrick Children”, “The Pursuit of Happyness”), and Brenda Pickleman (“Groundhogs Day”, “US Marshals”).
Bingo Night! is the story of Ethel, an elderly woman facing the threat of eviction from her retirement community. Having exhausted every option, she enlists her friends Vivian and Ruth as co-conspirators in the heist of the century. Their target: the local bingo hall. The film was shot in Madison, WI and principal photography wrapped in early August.
This fundraising campaign is necessary in order to finish the film. Funds raised from the Kickstarter campaign will be used to supplement the costs of post production and festival submissions. The filmmakers are seeking $15,000 from a 30 day campaign that launched on September 17th and will end October 17th, 2013.
In addition to festival submission costs, the funds raised will allow the team to hire a top notch editor to finish the film. After editing, the film will move to a post production house. A team of professionals will then compose the score, complete ADR, foley and sound fx, perform a final sound edit and mix, and finish the picture with color correction. This process will provide this independent film with everything it needs to get to the big screen and give it the finishing touches it deserves. (For a complete breakdown of costs, visit the Kickstarter)
Both Lynne Stewart and Mindy Sterling hail from the Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles, which will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2014, in conjunction with the film's festival release.

High Resolution photographs available for

We are happy to provide more information, photos, or interviews with the filmmakers upon request.

kickstarter: facebook:



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