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A nice parody that most of us saw coming.
The Google+ Movie Trailer: Alright then, Google+. You may not be able to get women to join, but you did get The Social Network parody video that most of us saw coming. Congrats...Nice job, @IWearYourS...
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While I thoroughly enjoy BuzzFeed, I am rather annoyed that this G+ update was pushed to me through email and G+ even though you are not in my circles. Is this going to be a regular thing? Because I think in some ways it violates the user's trust (to not get unsolicited updates) as well as the concept of G+, which is that you get the content you want and not the content that you don't want. If every company is going to now use their email lists of registered users to push us updates, this is going to get ugly fast.
Hmmm, not sure how that went to people outside our circles. I'm also not a fan of the email notifications for G+, think they should keep it strictly to a feed. I think the notifications are cool for comments, but beyond that, I don't know why they feel they need it.
You can disable email notifications for different things in your settings. I'm kind of annoyed that they're all turned ON by default, but I guess that's Google trying to make sure they're not going unnoticed.
I disabled all G+ email notifications the first day and haven't been bugged since.
You can disable the push notifications in your settings, but there is no way to only disable them for people not in your circles, or to keep it from showing up in the alert window in the top right if it is sent specifically to you (unless the sender is blocked). I want notifications from my friends -- not that you aren't my friend BuzzFeed, I do adore you. I just see this as having the potential for every company with a mailing list to infinitely spam G+ users.
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