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Joy Lenton
I'm a wife, mother, Christian writer, poet and blogger, avid reader, lover of dark chocolate, coffee, and great conversation
I'm a wife, mother, Christian writer, poet and blogger, avid reader, lover of dark chocolate, coffee, and great conversation

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Led by Holy Spirit, we can make individual choices to strengthen and sustain us. For instance, I need sufficient physical rest but you might require walking and exercising more. Maybe your creativity has become stalled, and resting the familiar while taking on a new pursuit might be just what you need to revive the fire. When "normal life" gets too overwhelming for me, I find that coming aside to rest, spending quality time engaging with God, close family and friends and appreciating the beauty of creation is what recharges me best. Because gratitude, love and relationship are at the heart of life and faith. #burnout #pause #sacredspaces #faith #trust #restinginGod #surrender, #wordsofjoy

Have you considered having a holy pause? Spending some set apart moments, days or weeks connecting with God? Maybe taking time to linger, listening with greater intent, or sitting quietly to receive a Holy hug from God, let Him love on you as He always…

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Although we may not yet be fully fledged works of art, we are works in progress, not left gathering dust on the shelf. Even as our Master Craftsman wields His instruments, we may resent the strokes that are creating art and beauty from our hardened clay. Until we learn to yield, become softened and malleable to His tender touch. The refining, shaping process before an unveiling takes place can feel uncomfortable. I've discovered I'm not as pliable or surrendered as I thought I was. There's a degree of resistance, rough edges within needing to be sanded and smoothed... #worksinprogress, #shaping, #InChrist, #grace, #transformation, #wordsofjoy,

During seasons of rest and stillness, it’s tempting to think nothing much happens. However, God uses these times as periods for growth, honing our souls, shaping us into greater Christ-likeness. Although we may not yet be fully fledged works of art, we…

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How do we cope with our thready lives, ragged edges, chewed up days and lost energy? If you're anything like me, you might try pressing on regardless for a while. Though, unlike snails, we're not built to carry heavy weights on our own backs but to give them over to God instead. The best thing to do is to take a break, take it to God, lean on Him and rest in every conceivable way. We cannot run on empty or we have nothing of any worth left over to offer others. #chewed, #runragged, #empty, #rest, #takingabreak, #soulcare, #poetryjoy,

  I’m looking at our recently planted runner bean and strawberry plants, sighing over them being chewed, frayed around the edges, mirroring my own sorry soul state. Although instead of pesky molluscs (and maybe an early caterpillar or two), my holey,…

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As I've been reading +Bonnie Gray's latest release, 'Whispers of Rest: 40 Days of God's Love to Revitalize Your Soul', God has been using it powerfully to speak to me. Each chapter ushers us into deeper soul rest, with Bonnie sharing her experiences, several scriptural references, God's whispers to her heart (and to our own) and thought-provoking quotes. Each day's devotional offers a word to guide us, prayer, soul permission slip, room to prayerfully reflect and journal our story, an intriguing, helpful Beloved Soul Care challenge and Soul Care Trail Notes to offer extra inspiration and encouragement. #whispersofrest, #booklaunch, #newrelease, #wordsofjoy, #inspiration, #encouragement, #soulcare,

God doesn’t usually shout to get our attention. Rather, He whispers softly to our hearts, longing for us to hear and respond to His voice. Although those whispers can become more urgent over time, especially when we’ve grown hard-hearted or temporarily…

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I wonder if we are so easily pleased with small, if we can celebrate seasons where God calls us to be still, to be small, labouring behind the scenes on our own (often challenging) plot—the garden of the soul, where few know we are tending God-sized dreams within our hearts? Maybe we long for significance, ache to be seen, to have worth and value in the eyes of others, for our voice to be heard. Or we could be prayerfully cultivating things only God sees and knows about, while He works within our stilled, surrendered soul. #small, #stillness, #seasons, #faith, #wordsofjoy, #hope, #encouragement,

Such a small creature, a tiny little thing had been my daughter-in-law’s constant companion while she toiled at unyielding, winter-hard ground. Pausing from her labours, she would smile to see him perched close by, before attending to her garden again…

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These words are part of a prayer whisper that reassures us we are not forgotten or overlooked by God... "Others may look like they are forging ahead while you stand still. It only appears that way because they are in a season of harvest reaping and you are in a fallow, resting season where seed for future growth is being sown. Growth is still happening under the surface, though it may not yet be discernible to your eyes. These waiting times are painful for you, but I want you to see how necessary they are in growing you on the inside, in shaping you into all you can become by My grace. Fruit will come forth in due time. If you can be content to lay low, stay small, be quiet and remain teachable, there will soon be an opening for you as well. It might seem infinitesimal but every tiny action, each small deed willingly and cheerfully done for Me in love is truly valuable for My Kingdom growth..." #prayerwhisper #hope #encouragement #beingfruitful #waiting #wordsofjoy

I was beating myself up for falling behind with everything, making unfair comparisons with others, (feeling a tad jealous) and wondering just when my writing/life dreams might bear fruit. Maybe you can relate? Here’s what God whispered back…. “Do not fear…

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"Yes, I have M.E but it doesn't have me; God does, and I am safe in His arms." So runs the last line from a poem I penned to try to describe my life with M.E. Spanning over 25 years of sickness and weakness, it might have stolen my health and vitality but it doesn't get to have the final say on who I am or, more importantly, Whose I am. I'm housebound with M.E, fibromyalgia, arthritis and hypermobility syndrome. I rely heavily on God's sustaining grace each day. I also have a Lottery winner tendency to spend, spend, spend whenever a little more energy or mental focus is present, instead of the usual resting and pacing after any activity! #livingwithME, #chronicillness, #earthbound, #MEAwarenessDay, #grace, #poetryjoy

  How do you describe a life of continual illness, pain and profound fatigue? It’s hard, isn’t it?  We need empathy, compassion, and maybe someone who lives with the illness to show us. I’d like to be that person for you today. Imagine wanting to be a…

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Stunning imagery from talented, keen-eyed, wildlife photographer +June Caedmon A veritable feast for the soul...
#inspiration #wildlife   #photography   #birds   #butterflies  

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If we appreciate the created world, take time to observe with our senses alive, we become participators in one of the greatest shows on earth. From dawn to dusk, God is shouting out His love for us, urging His bleary-eyed children to wake up and smell the potential wrapped up in this divine offering from heaven above. As someone who fails to wake (or sleep) well in the natural, I need all the supernatural assistance I can get, (plus coffee!) to enliven me from the inside out. Even if it takes until noon, it's still a good practice to pause, breathe, sit quietly, rest and absorb life outside a window before getting too embroiled in tasks. #poetryjoy #magneticpoetry #dawntodusk #beautyintheeveryday #inspiration #whispersofrest #glimpsesofhisbeauty

  I often witness sunsets but rarely wake early enough to see in the dawn. When I do, it’s always with breath-held awe. Few other sights grant us such a glorious reminder of God’s hand at work, as He whispers to the sun to “do it again!”, delighting in…

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You and I are conduits of God's grace, channels of His mercy, love and compassion. All that we go through is teaching us how to relate better to God and to others. We are in the school of the Holy Spirit, continually learning how to live well as Christ-followers. Sometimes we don't like our homework very much, or repeating hard lessons until we finally get them. Then we start to see how God is using us to speak of His overcoming love during life's painful circumstances. #circumstances #growth #grace #Christlike #witness #testimony #wordsofjoy

How often we yearn to break free from life’s challenging circumstances, desperately hope for healing from sickness and disease, pray for problems to be fixed and long for an existence that is happy, calm and relaxed. But what if the very things we seek to…
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