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Movito is a movie collection manager for files, BlueRays and DVDs
Movito is a movie collection manager for files, BlueRays and DVDs

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Movito 3.2.10 has been released.

After quite a break I've pushed out this minor bug-fix release including the following changes
* Fixed sub-title downloading
* Fixed Mac-Support after Java-Update
* Improved Android Compatibility (Android Version is coming soon!)

Movito v3.2.8 has been released

Notable new features and enhancements:
* Improved file system monitoring
* Streamlined addition of directories to existing media collections
* More intuitive share management
* Improved duplicate handling (e.g. invertible duplicate filter)
* Fixed: Awards are missing for most movies

You can download the new version from our homepage

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Google is rolling out updates to its anti-piracy filter: Along with filtering away some streaming websites from the search results  and excluding some "piracy" suggestions from the autocomplete, Google will display ads showing the current cost of the film or TV show at online retailers. 

It's a clever step to silence critics from the media business, and to increase ad revenue at the same time.

And instead of allowing users to decide about what services to use and to pay for, Google pretends to be helpful by pre-filtering search results and by showing even more unwanted ads.

Movito v3.2.4 has been released

New features
* improved notification visuals
* allow user to configure anonymous usage reporting before accepting EULA
* allow to export tags and views as TMDb lists
* rating of movies should tag them as watched
* double clicking season cover in details-panel should open season
* new layout for movie facts

Bug fixes
* no media attributes for shared collection
* series dont show up in shared collection
* split by location does not work for collapsed series
* keybindings don't work correctly under windows
* movie hover should trigger temporary details
* search is too slow and should be cancelable
* IMDb and shared collections are empty after setup and synchronization
* zoom shortcut does not work under MacOS
* html export is not working properly
* tag synchorinzation across collections fails to add tag to movies that are added later

Feel welcome to ask questions in this forum. You can download the new version from our homepage

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Join our new support community to get faster feedback.

Welcome to our support community! Before you ask questions: 

    * Please visit our website if you don't know Movito yet
    * Please check the manual and search this forum's history to see if your question has been already answered

Posts by new users are moderated to prevent spam, so please be patient while they show up.

Please do NOT post any confidential information or any material that might infringe copyrights. Especially do NOT post lists of your movies or actual media files as attachments. If you are not sure if a posting is appropriate for this group, feel welcome to contact us via email.

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Movito v3.2 has been released. These are the highlights:
- New collection interface
- Different themes including a new default theme "Walnut"
- Histogram filters for release year and rating
- Improved sharing (web-preview, qr-code support, mobile-integration)
- Synchronise tags across collections (like "Watched")

Check out for the complete list of new features.
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Just two more weeks until the next version of Movito will be ready for you. Featuring a brand new shelf interface: Most of the old filter tabs have been merged into a single view including interactive histogram filters for release year and rating, improved user tags, and most importantly a cool floating semi-transparent UI.

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Movito v3.1 has been released. These are the highlights:
- Share your collections with friends
- Renewed movie selection export dialog
- New interface to define links between media files and TV episodes
- RottenTomatoes integration

Check out for the complete list of new features.
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Knock, knock, knock. Movito v3 is coming soon. Including great new features like an awesome new movie lists interface, new tag clouds for audio language and subtitles, and a simplified movie shelf.
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