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Move With a Purpose
The primary reason I started writing this blog was to give my children a simple record of the things I want them to know and remember long after I'm gone. The days are typically full of petty reminders (pick up your socks, brush your teeth, quit pestering y...

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One King for PSR

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Who Cares?
I am the mother of a Mizzou freshman. He texted me a few weeks into his semester to say, "I don't think I could be happier. I love it here so much." This week that changed. Drop off day Now he feels judged based solely on what he looks like. He thinks peopl...

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Weird Places I Find My Children's Socks
Sometimes I'm not sure what to think about my children. The following are pictures I have snapped over the last 12 days. None of them are staged. None of the socks are clean. The trampoline The couch My car cupholders?!? A branch (propped in my laundry room...

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How do you Spell Appreciation?
Things I have learned from good teachers: 1. Teachers are often the first to see the worst in a child. But the good ones are often the first to see the best. Sometimes on the very same day. 2. Teachers see the best and worst in parents. But the good ones ca...

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Wasting Away in Frantic Parentville
There is an enormous difference between the way we parented #1 in the early 1990s and what #6 is getting in the early 2010s. Two decades, six siblings, and thousands of sleep-deprived hours can take a person a long way down the road to Mellow Town. Having r...

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The B Word
Tacking up a fresh new calendar always improves my mood
after the craziness of the holidays and those fresh pages seem to invite
reinvention. Now is as good a time as any to make some changes that might make
my life easier, better, or more productive. One y...

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On the Day You Were Born
Happy 10th birthday, Samuel Hutchens! We will celebrate this year on a sunny, mild day in Missouri. Your dad will be the one to wake you up with a tickle and a birthday song. He'll be here soon after you get home from school too and will be the one to light...

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One Less
This year we will celebrate Christmas for the first time
without my mother-in-law. We lost her after a swift battle with lung cancer
this past summer and are still getting used to speaking about her in the past
tense. She was a quirky and boisterous part of...

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If Only In My Dreams
A friend recently returned home from a 10-month deployment in Afghanistan, just in time for Christmas. Is there a more joyful time of year for a reunion than the freezing days of December? He pulled off surprising his youngest at her elementary school and w...
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