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Enhancing digital lifestyles with home automation and control products, including lighting, security, climate, CCTV controls and digital distributed audio.
Enhancing digital lifestyles with home automation and control products, including lighting, security, climate, CCTV controls and digital distributed audio.

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Reminder: Server maintenance, in preparation for our re-launch in June, begins today. This is scheduled to last through Tuesday, June 5.

Tech support and customer support will still be available during this time. If it is necessary to commission any systems during these dates, we highly recommend that Internet access be suspended while running vNet Builder.
All online services are expected to be back online and available starting June 6.

For tech support or more information, please call 800-987-8638 or email

In observance of Memorial Day, Colorado vNet offices will be closed on Monday, May 28th. Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, May 29th.

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We hope this isn't a sign of what the spring and summer market will be like.
In an unexpected reversal, both newly started foreclosures and finalized foreclosures dropped precipitously in February. Is this foreclosure stall a warning of a coming housing "paralysis?"


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Just had to share this album. Really impressive. Thanks +Mark Eyler
Irons Residence, Kauai 2012 (14 photos)
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Just too interesting not to pass on. Who doesn't like a little espionage on Monday morning?
Most people have watched a spy film, but few have ever met someone from the intelligence community. So how close are real spies to the Bournes and the Bonds? The BBC's Peter Taylor has been finding out.

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Our vNet Builder Tip for Thursday - Saving the Zigbee RF channel for future configuration and troubleshooting. This one small step can save you a lot of time in the long run. Enjoy our quick video tutorial.

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It looks like #springtime has finally arrived in #colorado . Photo from just outside the +Colorado vNet offices.

Hello spring!

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Thursday vNet Builder Tip: Designing your labels, color

Most of us have been in this situation. Wouldn’t it be great to match the touchpad (TD2 or TP2) wall color or wall plate color? Sounds easy enough, but the execution turns into a slaughter, as print after print fails to match the unique custom beige color in the hallway. That one is a little too light, that a little too dark, no, too orange … and so on.

Avoid the color match trap. Instead, pick a shade lighter or darker than the original color to create interest and contrast. Here’s how to do it.

In vNet Builder, open your vArc, double click the device on the floorplan, then select the Label tab.

Select a color that’s close, but does not have to be exact, to the original plate or wall color. (see touchpad 1 and screen 1)

Along the right side of your color picker window in Builder, you’ll see a shade slider. Slide the arrow down for a darker shade (see touchpad 2) or up for a lighter shade (see touchpad 3). It’s best to pick a shade at least four values up or down on the slider for the best contrast.

Make sure to adjust your type color to provide the best legibility.

If your homeowner is a little more adventurous, go for a complementary color. In our example, you’ll notice that our original color had a little yellow and orange, so we went to the complementary color, something with some violet, but kept it in the neutral range, which is the lower area of the color picker palette. (see touchpad 4 and screen 2)
Thursday vNet Builder Tip -- March 23, 2012
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Congratulations to a local Colorado company!
It's Floor Plan Friday! Today we have "Overlook 1" from Lone Tree, CO, winners of The 2012 Nationals Gold Award for Best Architectural Design of a Single Family Home, 2500 - 3499 sq. ft.

Builder: Celebrity Homes
Architect: Woodley Architectural Group, Inc.

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Thursday vNet Builder Tip: How to avoid corrupting the CF card on your Bridge Module.

1. Do not remove the CF card from the Bridge Module when the unit is powered on.
2. Do not use the recessed button hole on the side as a paperclip button. This is actually the reset button. Only use the paperclip button next to the LED light.
3. Do not connect to the Bridge Module from vNet Builder when UAC (user account control) is on from Windows Vista or Windows 7.
4. Do not upload scripts and firmware to the Bridge Module when certain antivirus programs are running.

And, don't forget, we've released a preliminary datasheet for the next generation bridge, the CB1 Control Bridge, based on plug computing tech. This updated device will have 512 MB of both Flash and DRAM memory.
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