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Abstract Spiral in Glass Tile Smalti Mosaic
My first abstract art.  When I began, I didn't have a very clear idea of what the finished piece would look like.  I wanted to create a feeling of movement and rising within the confines of the high-walled box.   I loved the freedom of letting the colors ju...

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Trees in Glass Tile Smalti Mosaic
I have spent the past few months playing with mosaic trees in glass smalti.  I wanted to work on something natural since I usually draw and paint the lines of man made cities with a focus on perspective.  I actually use a ruler and think in strong shapes, c...

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An Orsoni Master Mosaic Class with Italian Smalti
I had the incredible opportunity to spend 5 days in Venice at the Orsoni Master in Mosaic class.  It was a week of uninterrupted making surrounded by creative people that value both art and the process of conceiving it.  My teacher was an invaluable resourc...

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Fused Glass UGC Enamel Paint Italian Cityscape
My first attempt at glass landscapes using UGC enamels.  These might be more cityscape than landscape, but I love drawing all the intersecting lines.  Finished UGC Painted Italian Cityscapes I based my glass sketches on photos I took in downtown Catania, a ...

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Fused Glass Hatty Potter (under-the-stairs) Workshop
The US Navy has moved us from Jacksonville, Florida to Sicily, Italy this past
summer.  My glass workshop was downsized from an expansive 2-car garage to a much smaller laundry room closet.  It has a 5-foot door that opens into an awkward space nestled und...

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Fused Glass UGC Enamel Paint Trees
More experimentation painting with UGC glass enamels on sgraffito sketches.  I tried to create different effects with varying methods on a series of tree tiles.  Here is the day 26 tree from last months' sgraffito challenge painted with the techniques I lik...

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Fused Glass UGC Enamel Paint Lighthouse
For my first UGC enamel painting, I chose to use my Day 3 glass powder sketch of Cape Zanpa, Okinawa.  I really like the translucent quality of the water, but I'm not sure about the clear frit added to the breaking waves.  I fired this piece to 1425 deg F f...

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Fused Glass UGC Enamel Paint Samples
My husband purchased every one of the Unique Glass Color Non-Toxic powdered enamels for me.  I was so surprised to see each little bottle filled with finely ground powder and a little overwhelmed at knowing how to use them.  I decided to begin with sample t...

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30 in 30 Glass Powder Sgraffito Challenge
My collage of 30 glass powder sketches in 30 days.  Thank you to Kelly Crosser Alge and everyone that was part of this challenge.  I already miss it. 30 in 30 Glass Powder Painting Sketches

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Day 30 Glass Powder Sgraffito Challenge
Day 30 of the Fused Glass Powder Sgraffito Drawing Challenge 2015 , thank you Kelly Crosser Alge for everything.  It has been amazing to be a part of everyone's journey, we began the month with very little powder experience and finished with the creation of...
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