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Kelsey Brickl
Worked at Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Austin
Attended Saint Mary's College
Lives in New Lenox, IL
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Kelsey Brickl

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I am a vegetarian, South Side Irish!
My name is Kelsey Brickl, and I am married to a wonderful husband named Mike. We live with our two cats, Jasper and Charlie, in Austin, Texas. I'm originally from Chicago, and I went to college in Notre Dame, Indiana. After we got married, we lived in Wisconsin. I'm a proud Catholic.
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Hyperemesis Gravidarum survivor, raising my son bilingual!
  • Saint Mary's College
    History, 2006 - 2010
  • The University of Notre Dame
    Irish Language and Literature, Irish Studies, 2007 - 2010
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Stay at home mama
  • Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Austin
    Preschool teacher at St. Ignatius, Martyr, 2012 - 2012
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New Lenox, IL
Austin, Texas - Frankfort, IL - Notre Dame, IN - Madison, WI
I'm not one to leave negative reviews of businesses, but I feel that I have no choice in this case. I got an eye exam done and ordered glasses at this location of America's Best. I was uneasy even immediately after the exam, because I felt like the optometrist rushed my exam severely and was also not receptive to how I felt about the prescription. He kept showing me two things through the lenses and saying things like, "The second one is better, right?" to which I would truthfully reply, "No, not really," but the doctor insisted the second one was better. The whole exam felt like this, and I was worried that my prescription hadn't been measured correctly. Around ten days after my exam, my glasses came back to the shop. My earlier unease turned out to be valid. I put on the glasses and literally felt queasy. The prescription was so far off that it gave me vertigo. I immediately told the shop worker that the glasses were wrong. Her response? "Try them for two weeks and see how they work." I kind of looked at her like she was crazy. It was very, very clear to me that these glasses were simply not the right prescription. I started to get those alarm bells going off in my head again, and I decided not to leave with the glasses. As politely as I could, I insisted that I would not pay for glasses that were just the wrong prescription. They offered for me to come back for another exam (not an easy feat with a 2-year-old in tow), but I just didn't have any confidence that that would solve the problem. I was nervous that I would wait another ten days for glasses that were still wrong. So, I asked for a refund on the frames and lenses (they wouldn't refund the useless exam). They did refund the glasses. I went to Pearle Vision in Orland Park to start over. Surprise, surprise -- the very same day, I wound up with glasses that worked perfectly! I compared the prescription from Pearle Vision with the one from America's Best. They were wayyyy off at America's Best. My glasses from Pearle Vision are exactly right. So, it turns out I was correct to be skeptical of the prescription at America's Best. I figured all was said and done, until today. I got a call from Pearle Vision saying that my insurance claim had been denied because America's Best had filed a claim on an exam and pair of glasses. I called VSP to get it sorted out, and sure enough, America's Best had filed a claim for the exam *and* for the glasses that were refunded and never worn because they were wrong. VSP got it sorted out, and now my glasses at Pearle are fully covered. However, I am still left with an overall impression of America's Best that conveys a serious lack of professionalism. A rushed eye exam that doesn't actually take into account the patient's visual perception. As a result of that exam, a completely incorrect prescription leading to unusable glasses after a 10 day delay. Getting confirmation (and working glasses) from a much more professional competitor. Then an insurance claim being filed for those unusable glasses that were left at the America's Best store and refunded. I would never recommend this location of America's Best to anyone. There are many optometric stores in this area, and I would recommend pretty much any of them over this place. I only went in there because it's close to my home and I was trying to get errands done with my son in tow. My experience was almost 100% negative with this America's Best. I am thoroughly unimpressed, and more than a little irritated, by what I experienced.
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